Бывший муж Даны Борисовой отдал ей 10-летнюю дочь
TV presenter will soon take her to himself.

Photo: Instagram

Lou Ferrigno finally got his way. Very soon she will be able to bring her 10-year-old daughter Pauline, who lives with his father.

When The problems began with alcohol and drugs, the former civil husband Borisova took their General’s daughter to himself for a long time and wouldn’t even let them see each other. He believed that their communication will cause the psyche girl irreparable harm. At some point, because of the hype associated with Dana and her condition, Pauline really had hard. She even asked my mom not to call her. But it is all over.

Dana managed to deal with his addiction, and convince the court and the ex-spouse that you can trust her child. For several months in a row Dana meets and spends time with her daughter. They walk together, go to movies, museums, restaurants.

For the sake of illusory at the time the opportunity to live together Borisova sold their apartment in a luxury residential complex in the West of Moscow and bought a spacious “treshku” in the house easier. But it has a separate room for Polina, and the LCD is next to the house where the girl now lives with dad.

The mother and daughter returned from a joint vacation, which they spent in Italy. Dana is seriously concerned with the education and cultural development of Pauline, so I decided to take her to Italy, not in Turkey at all-inclusive.

“We spent a little more money, but the experience brought in a million!” — Dana speaks.

In Moscow, the presenter will have a very lot of cases. She needs to finish repairs in the apartment, so Pauline was able to move in with her. This decision, incidentally, has not received the court — Borisov and Feldman have managed to agree among themselves.

“We have agreed with Dana that Pauline would live with her”, — told “KP” the father of the daughter Given.