Дима Билан одевается в секонд-хенде
The singer amazed fans with the choice of the store.

Photo: Instagram

Dima Bilan was amazed and even a little disappointed its fans. The singer revealed the secret that often buys her clothes in second-hand stores. Fans of the star were sure that Dima dressed only in expensive brands, and buying them in the Central Department store, Gum or these boutiques in Europe or America. But no! Dima once again proved that he is an ordinary man, devoid of a star and “aristocratic” pretensions.

“I feel like I again guessed trends, second hand sports Olympic from the 90s — my weakness! — explained the choice of their purchases singer. — He had more than one such suit. And then I bought two pounds — generally arch-cool! In the late 90’s, by the way, when I lived in the Dorm and studied for 1-2 courses, so I am well and raised money for “to eat” — for double the price sold what was in Sedona. It was a unique thing! I never bypassed the second and flea markets from new York and Los Angeles to Vilnius, in any country of the world always try to run there. These places characterizes the country, and people in the know agree — here you can find a killer thing.”

Bilan published on her personal blog about your new clothes and asked the fans opinion which jacket they prefer. But got no specific answers, but the real criticism. They say, Dima, how can you wear worn things?!

This reaction was seriously hilarious star of the musical firmament: “Yes, I bought worn things. I wear worn things. They shelled and processed! One sweatshirt generally immediately put on and went to the restaurant. Are you guys never in second-hand was not? I regularly go to see once a year — exactly. Here is a updated closet here, although the last of the Cum all day did not get out. The world is multi-layered and different, that’s stupid to be attached to something one?”