Бывший муж Анфисы Чеховой зарабатывает на жизнь стриптизом
Guram bablishvili will take the stage of the Theater. City Council in a controversial play.

Photo: Instagram

After the divorce with Anfisa Chekhova, on which the public became aware last fall, Guram bablishvili went missing from secular parties. All the time he spent either in his native Georgia, or on the road, or “nursed” favorite son Solikom while their busy mom strenuously continued to make a career on TV.

Also, the actor became a regular at the gym, and now I understand why. All this time, Guram actively rehearsing a role in a new play, which is rightly called one of the hooligan in the country. For 15 consecutive years with the same notices in the theater is the play “Ladies’ Night. For women only”. In the story of six unemployed friends struggle to find work. Each family and no work, — closed the only employer city and metallurgical combine. Eye catches an ad in the newspaper that over the entrance to the bar where a male Striptease show, each lady needs to shell out $ 200. A crazy idea comes suddenly: himself to organize a group of strippers that will bring to the fury of the female audience night clubs. The “ugly ducklings” in the eyes of the astonished audience turn into super-heroes. In this performance, played by such venerable actors as Gosha Kutsenko, Pyotr Krasilov, Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Michael politseymako, Euclid kyurdzidis, Konstantin Yushkevich, Georgiy Martirosyan and others.

Now, however, it was decided to create a separate show with the heroes of the present time.

“There are movie and theatre stars 2018-wow, — says the producer Elshan Mamedov. — I think it makes sense to do a show for a new generation of viewers. They want to see their idols. Young actors should get a chance to play in the rowdy performance of the country. Why not? In my opinion, this is a great idea!”

It’s not “massive” entry of new actors in the ongoing drama. Actors for “Ladies’ Night. Update” gained almost a year! As a result, today on the stage of the Theater. Of the Moscow Council the premiere of performance will present Vladimir Zherebtsov, Roman Makin, Makar Zaporozhye, Guram bablishvili, Maxim Delchev and others. As befits the story, they will undress in the scene, and rehearsed the last few months.

“The day came, when we go out with this on stage, — said Guram. — I hope for a real “buuum”!”