Бывший муж обвинил Елену Ксенофонтову в планировании его убийства
The star of the show “Hotel Eleon” continues a bitter struggle for the daughter.

Бывший муж обвинил Елену Ксенофонтову в планировании его убийства

Elena Ksenofontova with her husband Alexander and General’s daughter — Sophia

Photo: Instagram.com

Elena Ksenofontova, appearing at the hearing, was shocked by another surprise at the allegation by her common — law husband Alexander. He stated that she planned his murder. As evidence he used the words spoken by Elena in the TV show “Let them talk”. Talking with Andrey Malakhov, Elena dropped a phrase that was ready to kill her husband. This is a careless statement and used Alexander, making charges of plotting to kill the flash drive with the recording of the broadcast with the participation of Elena.

It was told about the incident in social networks. “I naively thought that in my situation it was.. And I have nothing to surprise, to discourage… it was not. What’s on the drive? Transfer “Let speak” from 1 February 2017…” she wrote and attached the documents.

Photo: @Instagram elena_ksenofontova_official Elena Ksenofontova

The actress said that the request for consideration of materials prepared by Alexander, appeared in the midst of a fierce struggle for their common daughter, Sophia. Now Elena’s ex-husband trying to install any of them the girl will live and what rights are granted to the other parent. Incautiously said to Elena about wanting to kill Alexander is likely to play a role in the court decision on the custody of Sophia.

We will remind that not so long ago Ksenofontova pleaded guilty to beating Alexander. Elena with the court’s decision categorically do not agree. According to star of the series “Kitchen”, the situation was exactly the opposite. Artist for a long time lived in fear, afraid to admit that her husband is subjecting her to domestic violence. Alexander also worked for many years as a civil litigator, according to Ksenofontova, turned the situation so that the victim in the eyes of the judges looked it. Now Elena is terrified by what is happening and collecting signatures for a petition calling for justice.