Дима Билан активно обустраивает холостяцкий дом The singer admitted that a large part of the money assigns for the improvement of their own homes. The man spared no expense on furniture and interior design. It seems that now it’s the right decision. About anything else, except the comfort in your own home, the singer and did not want to think.

      Dima Bilan is one of the most popular singers on the Russian stage. Despite the fact that the artist stands on several dozen concerts per month, all earned at events means he tries not to spend unnecessarily. According to the artist, he ceased to pamper yourself with expensive clothes, because most of the money pays to buy good furniture. Bilan admits that acquires expensive equipment, because without it, it would be harder to follow housing.

      Note that the three-story mansion in the suburbs, where he purchased nearly one million dollars. For ten years the artist lives in this cottage. He has no plans to move out or buy a new home, but on the contrary, makes every effort to make your house even better than it is. More recently he completed the renovation in the bedroom and now thinking about remodeling some other rooms.

      “I like the feeling of coziness. I love to watch all sorts of interesting things, little things, or furniture or whatever. Bought four pillows of different density. They pen, have long dreamed of. And good bed linen,” – said the artist.

      Dima Bilan admitted that he is not ready to buy expensive clothes from famous fashion designer. In his opinion, currently there are many brands with affordable prices that makes no sense to overpay. The only thing the artist really ready to spend money, is a quality footwear and accessories. “Now there are so many designers that niggle on expensive clothes is stupid, I think. Reveal the secret that I now buy very inexpensive clothes,” admitted the actor in the program “You wouldn’t believe.”

      Artist care more about what other things to purchase for your home. Often in his microblog Bilan has published the images from his own cottage, which can easily realize that Dima settled in and in accordance with their requests. In his office a massage chair, in the living room grows a three-metre ficus. In the mansion a lot of space, because Dima does not like to feel themselves clamped and constrained. He constantly wants to feel the comfort and warmth.