Kylie Minogue disappointed in the young groom

Кайли Миноуг разочарована в молодом женихе Native singer managed to convince her that Joshua Sass was not honest with her. Not so long ago a man was caught in the arms of a Spanish actress, with whom he openly flirted. Apparently, the environment of Kylie Minogue suspected, with whom it is dealing, and therefore diligently tried to protect her from this relationship.

    Кайли Миноуг разочарована в молодом женихе

    In early February, 48-year-old Kylie has announced that it has parted ways with 29-year-old lover Joshua Sass. They were last seen together in late January, getting into a car outside the London home of the singer, and Kylie least looked like a happy bride. Minogue cringe every time you look at the groom, whom she, as it turned out, escorted out of their homes permanently.

    “Her heart is broken, say friends. – She believed that Joshua is the same the only man she’s been waiting for all my life”.

    Painful Epiphany obliged Kylie’s sister Dannii, who did not to spare her feelings and said directly that he believes Joshua is a lying opportunist. “Kylie was blinded by love, but she got used to trust intuition Danny, say family friends. And soon she had their suspicions. The family is happy that this happened before marriage, because divorce would be troublesome and scandalous”.

    A great storyteller

    After the announcement of the gap journalists had no difficulty finding witnesses to the fact that Joshua lied to Kylie from the day of fun on the set of the TV series “Galavant” in the summer of 2015. For starters, in an interview with Australian radio he said he had no idea who she is and the famous.

    “I’m not interested in pop culture,” arrogantly stated the leading British actor. Even then it seemed doubtful, because for thirty years the stellar career of Kylie at least once, but have seen and heard, even the hermits of the forests.

    “A blatant lie, told who starred in “Galavant” actor Vinnie Jones. Josh decided to go after Kylie as soon as I heard that it will participate in the series. And for this advance moved from our hotel to the one where she was booked”.

    Ready to Woo the “unknown” singer, Joshua also took and hid away the engagement ring. “When we started filming, he was talking about his wife Francesca Cini and little son Sebastian, – said Jones. – And then suddenly started calling Francesca “ex-girlfriend”, which is supposedly old news”.

    However, no one decided to warn Kylie about placed on her trap. “The crew didn’t love Josh, he’s always with someone fought, – finished the story Jones. – But Kylie, he charmed, lied to her that according to tradition all the celebrity guests on the first evening having dinner tete-a-tete with the star of the show. That is with him.”


    Кайли Миноуг разочарована в молодом женихе

    Kylie was smitten. Joshua seemed to her dream man – he has great taste in music, loved poetry, were well dressed and came from an aristocratic family with ancestry tree, hung with the barons and viscounts. She invited him to share with her London mansion, funded parties and travel. In December 2015 the lovers went to Melbourne – Kylie wanted to meet Joshua’s family.

    “We are alarmed by how quickly he managed to win Kylie, who is very careful with the men – told her family. We saw how much the guy is fixated on his career, and could only hope that the love Kylie more important to him than a desperate desire to become a star”.

    This conclusion relatives of the singer did not come out of nowhere. “None of the former lovers Kylie was eager to bask in the glow of its glory so persistently as Josh, he told them. – Reached ridiculous. When he was waiting for her in restaurants, and then jumped out to pose for paparazzi”.

    Indeed, before meeting the illustrious Australian “Galavant” – 18-serial musical Amateur was his main acting achievement. The paparazzi began to learn it in person only in connection with Kylie. In order to enhance “success”, Joshua posed with her on the red carpet, she starred in the video for her Christmas song and even sang a duet with her at the concert. “Kylie has always been tightly divided personal and professional, – said the witnesses. – All were surprised when she allowed Josh to cross that line”.

    In February of 2016 Joshua did Kaili offer, which she accepted. In an interview with the singer boasted antique ring and claimed that after the wedding will certainly take his name.

    “Kylie Sass sounds better than Minogue, she said. I always thought about Minogue can break the language. And the name change is proof that I am ready to love him all his life.”

    Kylie proved love often. When Joshua was horrified to find that balding, it paid $13 million for hair transplant. “In fairness I must say that Josh did not pull money out of it, say friends of the couple. – Kylie was my pleasure to spoil him.”

    Joshua and Kylie decided not to get married until, while in her native Australia are not legalized same-sex marriage. Thus, Minogue expressed disagreement with the fact that not all lovers have the right to formalize the relationship. “We are not in a hurry, explained the singer. – I like to be a bride.” But Joshua, apparently, was exhausted in the role of loyal groom women twenty years older. This was a mistake.

    A month after the engagement, he was photographed embracing an unidentified dark-haired girl in the Parking lot outside a London pub, where the pair spent in cheerful fellowship three hours. Later on the filming of “no Tomorrow” in Canada, he was suspiciously close to 34-year-old Spanish actress Marta Milans. Kylie then decided that tomorrow they pair really will not, and broke off the engagement.

    “This is a great holiday for the family, told friends of the singer. – Of course family is upset that Kylie again suffered love failure, where its share has already dropped more than enough. But Joshua never none of them liked you.”