Экс-гитарист «Сектора Газа» попал в реанимацию после ДТП Voronezh journalists report that musician Igor Kuschev received a serious head injury. A day earlier, a man was hit by a car. Daughter Kuscheva Ekaterina claims that the perpetrator of the incident fled the scene.

      Экс-гитарист «Сектора Газа» попал в реанимацию после ДТП

      Today, the Network appeared the information that the 57-year-old ex-guitarist of the first part of the group “Sector Gaza” Igor Kuschev got in an accident in Voronezh. The incident took place on Wednesday, February 15. According to correspondents, the man was hit when he crossed the road. It is reported that the impact made 28-the summer driver of a foreign car KIA Ceed. After a strong collision Kuschev flew back and hit another car.

      Then the musician was urgently hospitalized and placed in intensive care. The victim was diagnosed with a serious brain injury. At the moment the Kuschev is in intensive care.

      The daughter of guitarist Catherine said that the culprit fled from the scene, so she is looking for witnesses to the incident. However, the local traffic police, these data are not confirmed.

      “He knocked my father Kuscheva Igor. This happened on a street Zhukov in the Northern region. The driver hit and ran over him, then disappeared. The car is a dark color. Knocked down on a pedestrian crossing. Now dad is in reanimation of neurosurgical office”, – said the girl, asking friends to spread information about the incident.

      Igor Kuschev was born 23 July 1959 in Novomoskovsk. In the summer of 1989, he became the solo-guitarist of the group “Sector Gaza”, founded by Yuri klinskikh. The kuschev was a member of the legendary team for several years and worked on the recording of five albums of well-known rockers.

      The first works of future stars – magnitoalbom “Plows-woogie” and “Kolkhoz punk” was released in 1989. Klin later clarified that these releases debut hard to call, as they do not spread further in the afternoon and had a bad quality.

      In 1990, the “Gaza strip” releases official album, “evil dead”, affecting such topics as life in the province, rural mysticism and black humor. In the same year, rockers present the second release, called “flipping heck”. According to fans of the Klin and his companions, is one of the most “vulgar” works of music stars. The last album of the legendary band, recorded together with Koshevy, became the album “the Night before Christmas”.

      Many music critics have sometimes found it difficult to define the style in which he played a cult group. In the Preface to the release of “Hellraiser” the founder of the popular team gave the answer to this question.

      “The fact that in his youth (in the 70s) I listened to Western rock, Vysotsky and at the end of the’ 70s “time Machine”. Now, “Gaza strip” is a mixture of things. And because I defined the band’s style as “fusion”, that is “alloy”, as each song is a “Sector” is a different style: hard, punk, disco, rap, metal, singer-songwriter and much more,” wrote the leader of the group.