Борис Корчевников пытался спасти тяжело больную поклонницу The presenter shared a sentimental story of a girl, who bravely struggled with a brain tumor. Earlier fans Korchevnikov supported her beside me encouraging comments. Despite the prayers of users of social networks, and family and friends, Sonya failed to win the battle with serious illness.

      TV presenter Boris korchevnikov attentive to the requests of their fans and tries to keep in touch with them. In November last year, approached 23-year-old Sonia, who was suffering from a tumor in the brain. Because of the serious diagnosis, she was severely limited in movement and could not live like ordinary people. The story of a girl touched Korchevnikov who tried to help her. But a serious illness left no chance, and Sonia passed away. Her funeral took place on February 15.

      Boris korchevnikov leaves the “live”

      “I didn’t know her. She wrote that the brain cancer did not give her to live: pain, weakness, loss of balance, poor eyesight. She barely walked. On 2 November I wrote a post about it. Remember? Thanks to everyone who wished her well in the comments. She read each. And more than once. Crying, she thanked me, wrote me after. 12 Feb Sonya died… I watch her profile from the first photo, when everything is so carefree – the sun, the pool, the embankments with kisses, a recent wedding, strawberry on the grass, student practice (Sonia, looks like you went to medical school)… Died. Tormented dying. And I know that while she could read, then reread your words to her. And it is easier to tolerate. Exactly easier. Thank you. Yet, Sonia,” shared leading.

      Subscribers to star TV expressed regret in connection with the death of a seriously ill girl. Many of them admitted that they had given vent to emotions: they cried, reading the history of Sony. “So young”, “Hard to believe, she seemed strong. The Kingdom of heaven”, “Sad news. What a pity”, “Let the earth it will be down”, “Condolences to the families”, “in memory of” – they wrote.

      Other social media users thanked the presenter for what he is not indifferent to the treatment of female fans. They also wished Korchevnikov good health and expressed hope that it will not fail.

      Earlier, the showman, openly told about the reasons why you began communicating with an unknown girl with a terrible diagnosis. “I know what a tumor in the head. Remember how I was shaking after surgery,” wrote Boris korchevnikov in his address to the fans. Then, in November last year, he asked them to support Sonia. “You have no idea how she needs these words right now. Thank you,” said the man. Boris korchevnikov had surgery to remove a brain tumor