Экс-избранница Вадима Казаченко отозвала иск о признании его недееспособным The actor went to the clinic to get a conclusion about the state of his mental health. Vadim Kazachenko decided to put an end to disputes and to prove that he is sane and adequate.
Экс-избранница Вадима Казаченко отозвала иск о признании его недееспособным

Two weeks ago, Olga Kazachenko has filed a lawsuit in the court – she questioned the mental health of the father of the child, Vadim Kazachenko. Singer of the hit 90’s “it Hurts me, it hurts” and his producer Irina Amanti argued that he’s fine and can pass any examination.

The third held a hearing in Gagarinsky court of Moscow, which was attended by both sides of the conflict. However, few expected what happened at the meeting.

“First, Olga vytrepali our nerves – yesterday at a pre-trial hearing today. But then she changed her mind and decided to withdraw the case, – said Irina “StarHit”. We have all the expertise before the court, we have all the help and opinions of doctors that Vadim mentally healthy”.
Экс-избранница Вадима Казаченко отозвала иск о признании его недееспособным

The hearing was held behind closed doors – previously Amanti and Kozachenko did not like that the meeting turned into a show. Now the court feel the need to hide from prying eyes all the circumstances of the case, and therefore some details still remain secret.

Olga Kozachenko confessed that not only changed her mind – she had good reason, that while she refuses to disclose. Kate Gordon, whose law firm, “Gordon and sons” is engaged in protection of the interests of the child’s mother, the singer, told why they decided to withdraw the claim about recognition of the artist incapacitated.

Экс-избранница Вадима Казаченко отозвала иск о признании его недееспособным“Suddenly Vadim Kazachenko said that the attack in court (at one of the meetings, the singer took Olga by the neck. – Approx. “StarHit”) was planned. He called the man who was behind it. In connection with this circumstance we decided to drop the lawsuit. More I can not say anything in the interests of his client,” – said Gordon.

Irina Amanti believes that the true cause of the conflict Vadim and Olga – the division of property. Now the producer has collected documents to prove that she gave money Kozachenko to build a house in the suburbs, when he lived in marriage with the mother of his son. Kazachenko continues to struggle with his wife for the house

“Mom Olga proves that she sold the apartment to invest in the purchase of real estate. I learned that Natalia bought another home. I think they have in mind some money – they are fighting for the apartment, which Vadim bought in 1992 and the house on the ruble. Such people can only despise,” says Amanti.