Экс-участница «ДОМа-2» рассказала об интиме с Галустяном Yulia Isaeva remembered by many for the novels “the House-2” Sergey Sichkar and Alexey Samsonov. Now she does not advertise his personal life, but in the Network surfaced correspondence, where she described sex with many celebrities.
Экс-участница «ДОМа-2» рассказала об интиме с Галустяном

Yulia Isaeva took part in the project “DOM-2” in 2013. Then she started to work as a model, to develop yourself and earn money in different ways.

In one of public has appeared correspondence to Julia with one of her friends who were interested in her important contacts. Isayev admitted that he worked as an escort, so sometimes she helps other women to find customers.

In one conversation she admitted she had sex with some popular personalities. Among them was T-killah, Mikhail Galustyan and many others.

“For the money, everything is possible,” he justified his behavior Isayev.

Besides, according to Yulia, in this situation were involved with Olga Buzova. Presumably, in that period of time she was in her relationship with Dmitri Tarasov. Besides, star telestroke said that she’s been in Dubai. She explained that the main role of images in social networks. According to Isayeva, need more publikovat pictures in tight dresses and swimsuits.

Recently there have been rumors that Isayev’s Dating 21-year-old hockey player Igor Shesterkin. “After the match it will be clear, I’m free or not. My guy is a hockey player… Shesterkin is a very nice person. He bats well and scored too. But Igor suddenly said not in a relationship. I don’t have girls. If she [Julia Isaeva] was my girlfriend, she would sit next to me. Now I have in the first place only hockey,” shared Shesterkin.