Ex-fiance Dana Borisova explained why silent about its dependencies

Экс-жених Даны Борисовой объяснил, почему молчал о ее зависимости The man said that the star’s problems began a long time ago. According to Alexey Pankov, which is the leading met in 2014, This even had a heart attack. Then the doctors told the businessman that his blood lady was discovered illegal drugs.
Экс-жених Даны Борисовой объяснил, почему молчал о ее зависимости

A little over a week ago it became known that TV presenter Dana Borisova is suffering from drug addiction. In the program “Let them talk” mom celebrity told Andrei Malakhov about the problems of her daughter. Borisova colleagues on show-to business, sent her to Thailand, where she is undergoing treatment. Dana Borisova told about the stay in the rehabilitation center

“Someone called me incontinent person. I wanted to show that I’m not entirely under control, I was as a person, and I need to appreciate and respect,” said Borisov medical companies.

Many could not believe that the striking blonde was having problems with illicit drugs. However, friends and family of This have long been aware of its deadly addiction, but did not dare to talk about it.

In 2014, Dana Borisova met with businessman Alexey Pankov. The pair met on the program “let’s get married”. Despite the passionate feelings, the couple were together only a few months. After the break Borisov began to tell reporters that the man threatened and spread on her nasty rumors. Pankow claims that three years ago, Borisov had already consumed a banned substance.

“I knew then that she takes drugs, but nobody wanted to hear. All I was trying to convey, leading to me black PR”, – the man told reporters.

According to Pankov, during one of their meetings Dana got so bad that she had to urgently call an ambulance. The woman had a heart attack. The incident occurred at the beginning of their relationship, so Alex didn’t know about addiction lady.

“Dana suddenly became ill, I called an ambulance. The doctor took a blood test, even then I said, “You understand that it’s drugs?”. I couldn’t believe it. But the analysis-can not lie! I tried to talk to her, but she unlocked, insisted that it is for diet pills…” – remembered the punks.

Former Deputy Borisova does not hold that against her, but only regret, because he understands that it will have a long course of treatment. “She herself brought this up. Now, I hope people understand what she was talking about me nonsense. And I hope it is a shame, though… doubt it,” said Alex “TV show”.