Elina Kamiren told about gifts from wealthy suitors

Элина Камирен рассказала о подарках от богатых ухажеров Ex-member of popular telestroke told how to communicate with the oligarchs. In the new issue of the blog, Elina Kamiren shared with podeschi secrets of seduction wealthy suitors. Star warn followers from typical mistakes and gave them instructions.

Elina Kamiren continues to share tips with the girls who dream about secured satellites. The brunette took another video tutorial in which told the simple techniques of communication with the opposite sex. She’s sure to win the hearts, and most importantly, the location of wealthy men, it is important to be nice not only to him but also to his assistants.

“Girls always make friends with security and assistants chosen. Because if you start dicking around, such as “open the door” or “bring my bag”, then of course they’ll all do it. But believe me, when your standing next to the man is unstable, they will play their part. Because of their relationship with the boss built over the years, and yours has just begun”, – says the blogger.

In addition, Elina claims that download tycoon own problems is strictly prohibited. In her opinion, if a man is interested in a girl, he will take care of her needs and help find a way out of difficult situations. The hunter Prince in any case should not be something to complain about and especially about something to ask.

Kamiren also noted this is an important point in dealing with the suitors, as the acceptance of gifts and generous gestures. Ex-member of the project insists on the fact that expensive gifts are not binding. She is sure that when a man gives costly gifts, to expect only a positive charge.

“If he gives you something, he wants to experience emotions from you. You know? They are important to your psychological efficiency. And will he remember any of this tomorrow, can’t remember, and you will be good or bad – it is generally out of the question! You’ll just girl, who gave something and she responded quite frankly,” said Elina.

Also, the blogger strongly recommend not be afraid to offer your business ideas and projects rich satellite. The woman is sure that gentlemen with high financial status like to invest in the development of girls. Especially when it comes to higher education.

In conclusion, a new release of the brunette paid attention to the detractors that her blog was not to the soul. Star calmly explained that he tries to help more experienced girls and teaches them the truths that realized itself through trial and error.