Ex-boyfriend Zhanna Friske tries to forget her

Бывший возлюбленный Жанны Фриске пытается ее забыть Peter, in the past a former professional dancer, became the hero of the program “let’s get married”. A young man is serious and intends to start with a clean face. After a long romance with Megan Fox he was looking for a life partner like her.

      Бывший возлюбленный Жанны Фриске пытается ее забыть

      The hero of the new edition of the program of the First channel “let’s get married” became 33-year-old Peter, a former professional dancer and now a successful businessman, owner of a construction company and run. Young male looking for witty companion who knows how to enjoy the little things. As it became known to the editors of the transmission, Peter was in a relationship with Jeanne Friske. For many years he hid this fact from the public, and only recently decided to talk about his passion in a candid interview with the hosts of the TV show.

      “Peter is a very nice guy. They not loved each other. Together we often spent time vacationing in the country. Peter even made my sister offer, but before the wedding it never came. And then he left the dance team of the group “Brilliant” – told the “StarHit” Natasha Friske.
      Бывший возлюбленный Жанны Фриске пытается ее забыть

      Peter said that was the dancer of the famous singer. She was his senior by nine years, but the age difference Peter didn’t care. According to the young man, the novel with the star lasted four years. Knew environment Friske. The chosen star was asked to leave her career in show business, but Jeanne didn’t want it.

      “We talked about children and marriage. Then I was 27 years old. She gave me no cause for jealousy, but her profession me a little push. I told her: “If things were different and you were a normal person, everything would be much better,” said a former lover of Joan.
      Бывший возлюбленный Жанны Фриске пытается ее забыть

      Actress and dancer parted without scandals and clarify the relationship. According to Peter, it happened in a moment. Jeanette Friske had difficulties in relations with the opposite sex. But over time, Peter learned to live without a former lover. Despite this, the young man frankly confessed that Joan sometimes he dreams.

      The friends of the hero of the program is told that Peter is indecision. “I will not say that he is selective, but it drags out for a long time,” explained one of the friends former lover of Jeanne Friske.

      Leading “let’s get married” offered Peter to become acquainted with a few girls. At the end of the program he chose 31-year-old Director of the concert Agency Alice, who came to the recording of the program with his mother. The hero of the show, admitted that he bribed the seriousness of a young woman.