Vadim Kazachenko publicly humiliated pregnant wife

Вадим Казаченко публично унизил беременную жену The star of the 90s spoke about a family scandal in the program “Let them talk”. Vadim Kazachenko outlined its position in a difficult dispute, torn between the two ladies. Singer of the hit “Hurt me hurt” did not understand why his legal wife decided to tell him about the pregnancy when he offered her to get a divorce.

      Вадим Казаченко публично унизил беременную жену

      For several weeks literally the entire country with a voltage of watching the development of events in the family of a famous singer Vadim Kazachenko. His official wife Olga Martynova (maiden name, Approx. ed.) is pregnant by a musician, however, he intended a divorce with her. Two weeks ago, Olga told me that Vadim had driven her from home, but after learning about the imminent addition to the family, offered to have an abortion. To live with his wife, the musician did not intend. The fact that for a long time the artist has close relationship with its Director Irina Amanti. Now all participants of this drama were assembled in the Studio “Let them talk”, to deal with the situation and live rating the show to explain the causes of the incident. After appearing in the Studio, the artist passed his lawful wife and sat next to Irina Amanti, thus highlighting the neglect Olga.

      Wife of Vadim Kazachenko met face-to-face

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      “I’m still beyond terrified of what provoked Katia Gordon – it is with such words entered the Studio “Let them talk”, the famous singer, taking the place next to his “karmic” wife Irina Amanti. In September my wife, the girl with whom I’m legally married, suddenly reports that three months hiding the pregnancy. And not in a romantic setting, and at the next meeting, where I said I want a divorce. At this time it is cold, I would even say cynically, threw it on the table ultrasound images with the words: “Here you are, anywhere you are from me not going anywhere”.
      Вадим Казаченко публично унизил беременную жену

      Vadim Kazachenko said that for two years of marriage with Olga, they do not use protection, however, the singer surprised by the fact that Olga was pregnant when he announced his intention to divorce.

      “It reminds me of some sort of cooked situation. She knew what my financial problems and employment difficulties. In the first anniversary, I sincerely said that you didn’t feel us native people, we lived separately,” he hastened to explain Kozachenko.

      The artist wants as soon as possible to get a divorce and said that is not responsible for the child. After these words the whole audience literally drowned in the shouts and disputes. But Vadim decided to make excuses and said that he was ready to take responsibility for them sversheny error. After the call was present in the Studio Katie Gordon finally plead guilty to the incident, the artist decided to explain.

      “Yes, I blame the whole situation, he said, but noted that his official wife too, made the wrong turn. – But she did not ask permission to publish the correspondence, photos, and video from the wedding, she’s pushing on the entire country.”
      Вадим Казаченко публично унизил беременную жену

      Experts in the Studio, recalled that Olga talked about the purchase of the land where he and Vadim wanted to build a house, for which her mother had sold his apartment and invested all the money. However, the Kozachenko was against the construction of new housing. According to him, he did not participate in this plan and gave only a small part of the money, and the ownership of fully decorated on site.

      Later in the Studio, had my mother Olga, who said that for two years her daughter and the singer seemed genuinely happy family. Irina Amanti Martynov accused that she did not care for his man, referring to the device life. However, the mother-in-law of the artist does not believe that marital happiness depends on the quantity of washed linen.

      Vadim Kazachenko has admitted that the decision about the wedding he took late at night in between filming the popular show “One to one”. He noted that at the time that his lady mother insisted on the marriage between them. The actor was allegedly forced to agree, and then went to the registry office.

      Вадим Казаченко публично унизил беременную жену

      Also in the Studio appeared the grandmother of Olga, which was expressed in the face of everything he thinks about the wife of her granddaughter. She didn’t care whether he recognized the child when he is born. Alina Aleksandrovna said that it is much more important than caring for the grandson, whose birth the whole family waiting impatiently.

      “Going to you, whatever you did not do”, – stated its position grandma Olga.
      Вадим Казаченко публично унизил беременную жену

      Then the conversation went the lawyer Kozachenko. The woman said that Vadim is not abandoning the child,but rather expects not only financial support him, but also to participate in raising the kid. The lawyer also said that Olga will have to part with the money that is not spent on family needs, but was earned during the marriage. It is about four millions, which are stored on her account. Where this impressive sum and by whom it was earned, not reported. On statements about the upcoming section of the property itself Martynov did not react. She was much more interested in the question of the payment of loan taken by Kozachenko in marriage. A woman fears that she will have to take on some debt after divorce.

      At the end of the program, the expert suggested Kozachenko to do a DNA test when the baby is born. This star of the 90s, he agreed. Went Vadim and Olga, and not being able to negotiate.

      “I’m still against what came on TV the girl with me now married, took the final word Kozachenko. – I have always been responsible for everything I did, do and will do. I had a difficult period when we split up with Irina. If I feel betrayed by someone, only her. I’m sorry.”