Ex-boyfriend Lesya Kafelnikov credited his romance with the daughter of an oligarch

Экс-бойфренду Леси Кафельниковой приписывают роман с дочкой олигарха According to friends, the son of a restaurateur Nikita Novikov has an affair with the heir of the leader of the Forbes Diana Manasir. Lesya Kafelnikov had broken up with my boyfriend a few months ago because of his infidelities.

      Экс-бойфренду Леси Кафельниковой приписывают роман с дочкой олигарха

      The relationship Alessi Kafelnikov and Nikita Novikov, despite the fact that the pair have been separated, are still actively discussed in the society. Some suggest that the 17-year-old daughter of the famous tennis player still painfully aware of the gap, others that the young model has already found comfort in the arms of a young hockey player named Herman Scarring, which plays in the Junior team of Russia. That picture with that young man recently often appear in her Instagram leggy beauty. However, according to the girl’s friends, high hopes for this relationship Lesya imposes, because of serious novels she has now absolutely no time. Every minute pays Kafelnikov ambitious upcoming move to London, filming and fashion shows.

      The life of Lesja Kafelnikov after parting with loved ones, tears, alcohol, clubs

      Attention is drawn to 19-year-old son of a restaurateur, which, according to rumors, is currently Dating Diana Manasir. 16-year-old daughter of billionaire Ziyad, Manasir, however, strongly denies an affair with ex-boyfriend Lesya. However, secular gossip girl Tattlemsk, which is famous for the fact that he knows all the secrets of life “Golden youth” convinced of the opposite.

      “It is really true that Nikita and Diana together. My Manager contacted her sister Helen, she confirmed – said “gossip girl” in conversation with “Stricom”.

      Экс-бойфренду Леси Кафельниковой приписывают роман с дочкой олигарха

      Diana Manasir – the daughter of a permanent resident Forbes and one of the richest men of Russia – the founder of the stroygazconsulting of Ziyad Manasir. Last year she moved from Moscow to London, where he entered the old College, in the County of Yorkshire. The cost of one year of study at the prestigious school of nearly three million rubles. In the future, the young it-girl plans to enroll at the University of Arts to link their lives with art.

      Numerous subscribers of the microblogging Diana also note that the girl has a unique sense of style. Fashion items in the wardrobe of heiress to the billion state of the matter delight and easy envy among her fans. His close friend, the girl considers older sister Helen. According to Diana, she’s the only one she can trust all my secrets.

      Экс-бойфренду Леси Кафельниковой приписывают роман с дочкой олигарха

      The young lady also gladly answer questions on the website Ask.fm. However, not everyone is satisfied with the convictions and views on life. For example, the bouquet of flowers and a Teddy bear from the beloved she prefers the decoration of Cartier. Domestic responsibilities cause Oriental beauty horror: as she repeatedly confessed, Ironing and washing is not her favorite. Also, according to the daughter of a billionaire, she could never be friends with kids from normal families, giving preference to the elite society. But, despite such a young age, the Manasir Jr. has already traveled half of the globe: traveled to France, Italy, Spain, Monaco, UAE, on Sardinia and in Switzerland. In addition, the girl can easily, and most importantly free, to give fashion tips to everyone. Sweater, according to Diana, matches perfectly with skirts from Valentino and Stella McCartney.

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