Emin Agalarov apologized for the scandal with the disabled

Эмин Агаларов извинился за скандал с инвалидом In the bar of a famous singer, there was an unpleasant incident. From Emin Agalarov Rose Bar kicked a man with disabilities. The young man gave the case publicity through social networks.

      Эмин Агаларов извинился за скандал с инвалидом

      Last summer the whole country with a sinking heart watched the development of the conflict between her sister Natalia Vodianova autism and the staff of the Nizhny Novgorod cafe, where her disgrace. Fortunately, the employees of the institution publicly apologized for the intolerant behavior, the conflict was settled. But, as it turned out, not all have learned from this history lesson.

      On the eve of the unpleasant incident, which stirred up the public, took place in the capital bar, which is owned by Emin Agalarov. The famous singer is the owner of Rose Bar. Here like to spend the evening with Russian stars and other wealthy audience. However, on Saturday, the Manager has committed a rash act that led to this scandal. He asked to be removed from the premises by Oleg Eremin, who is handicapped from birth. He’d come to Rose Bar to meet odnokursniki, but when his evening was ruined, released information about the incident on his page in the social network.

      After learning about the incident, the owner of the bar Emin was extremely distressed. He apologized for the actions of his employee. “The Manager has not given a clear explanation, saying that something’s wrong with his t-shirt, dressed. Considered that the person does not correspond with what should a visitor to the Rose Bar,” said Agalarov.

      Эмин Агаларов извинился за скандал с инвалидом

      Of course, the restaurateur hastened personally to get in contact with Oleg and bring him to apologize. However, words did not stop. Agalarov offered Eremin cooperation.

      “With Oleg we all decide, he certainly doesn’t want everything decided by some free Lunches. It is clear that this is not a solution. He agreed to meet with my representative. I wanted personally, but, unfortunately, flew to the children. Of course, the Rose Bar Manager was fired. His actions are inconsistent with our position. We decided to conduct trainings that will enhance tolerance. Oleg, I asked to play the role of a consultant – someone who will help to conduct these trainings. I very sorry about this situation, but the human factor has not been canceled. I want to apologize to Oleg. This situation will teach us how to improve the service for people with disabilities”, – said the famous singer and the businessman in interview to REN-TV.

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