Евгений Осин возвращается из творческого небытия The singer is working on a new clip. This was told by former soloist of the pop group “Arrows” Yulia Beretta. Apparently, the actress played one of the roles in the video old friend. Julia was pleased with our joint work with Evgeny.
Евгений Осин возвращается из творческого небытия

53-year-old singer of hits “Tanya plus Volodya” and “Crying girl in the machine” Evgeniy Osin have not pleased fans with a new work. The last album under the name “Separation”, was released in 2016, and clips singer for a long time is not represented. However, recently it became known that aspen is still in business. Soon will premiere the video of Eugene on the song “Favorite”.

The shooting took place with the active participation of the 39-year-old ex-soloist of the group “Arrows” of Yulia Beretta. The singer released photos and videos taken at the site in social networks. Beretta found that ocean looks great, and shared his impressions about working with him.

“Yesterday was a blast at the filming of the clip Evgeniya Osina. He is kind, cheerful, creative, with an open mind and a great sense of humor! He, my friend, will show us all what’s what,” – said the artist.
Евгений Осин возвращается из творческого небытия

Julia admitted that Eugene has continued her attentions. “He now drove. And he’s my friend now for many years!” – shared the singer. According to the singer, her work colleagues there is a “special spark”. Beretta tries to help the man. By the way, recently with a Wasp incident – his leg fell off the bike. So Eugene was put in plaster and he has to walk with a cane.

Apparently, Osin and Beretta have been working together on the set. Social media users expressed the hope that the singer managed to cope with a serious relationship – previously he was repeatedly “caught” in the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. “Health Eugene”, “Well Done! I still sing his songs, Exit Aspen is worth a lot. And thanks to his old friends”, – commented on the Internet.

Some users of social networks recalled another longtime friend Julia – Andrei Gubin. Star began working together in 2005. Later it turned out that they were connected to something more than just friendship. After Beretta was married, she stopped working with Gubin. Some time ago, Julia turned to Andrew for help in writing the song. But the man disappointed her.

Yulia Beretta told about the fight with Andrei Gubin

“Julia, you are a fairy, kind and caring. Sorry, it is not so easy to take care. And not only new video Eugene would have in the future, but another loved and anticipated singer,” wrote one of podeschi Beretta.

Евгений Осин возвращается из творческого небытия