The ex-spouse Hope Mikhalkov congratulated her on the birth of children

Экс-супруг Надежды Михалковой поздравил ее с рождением детей In September last year, the daughter of the famous film makers ended the relationship with her husband Rezo Gigineishvili. About the discord in the family talking in another the beginning of 2017, when the man stopped wearing a wedding ring. Also in secular circles it was rumored that he had a new girlfriend.
Экс-супруг Надежды Михалковой поздравил ее с рождением детей

The fact that the family of Hope Mikhalkova and Director Rezo Gigineishvili, not everything went smoothly, and discussed for several months. However, the star couple tried to deny the rumors about the quarrels. As found “StarHit”, September 22, the daughter of Nikita Mikhalkov has officially filed for divorce.

Hope and resolution have two children, daughter Nina and son Ivan. From his first marriage with the singer Anastasia Kochetkova from Gigineishvili, there is another heir, Maria. The Director sometimes publishes photos with her. Surrounded by Mikhalkov told that it was a serious step to file for divorce. “After all, Mikhalkov is famous for strong marriages who are trying to save in spite of everything. But here the relationship was given a crack – have nothing to patch… They’ve been trying to stay married just for the sake of children,” said the familiar Hope. The artist herself has not commented on the breakup with Rezo. Hope Mikhalkov filed for divorce

May 21 children Mikhalkova and Gigineishvili birthday. A boy and a girl were born in different years. Both star parents decided to congratulate their successors on their personal pages on the Network.

“Rare moment of peace! The world can breathe a sigh of relief, however, at the moment! Nina and Vanya, all his life be the same inquisitive, principled, courageous, funny, talented, caring, thoughtful, bright, musical and delicious! Nadia Mikhalkov, thank you, congratulations to us happy birthday to kittens!” commented frame resolution.
Экс-супруг Надежды Михалковой поздравил ее с рождением детей

Mikhalkov, in turn, also decided briefly to show the fans the grown heirs. The actress noted that for her, 21 may is a special day.

“21 of may – the happiest and the hardest day of my life! Today they turn 7 and 5 years! Even a whole year unable to share and decided to share one day. In this photo it seems that Vanya explains something to Nina, but it is clear that Nina has already decided everything for himself and for Joe and for me! Daddy and I love you very much and thank you, so far “rolls” one birthday for two, because baby holidays is a special treat,” shared the Hope with the Network users.