Евгений Осин объявил себя нищим и продает квартиру
“I have nothing to live”, — says the singer.

Evgeny Osin

The star of the ’80s and’ 90s Evgeny Osin sounded the alarm on
about their plight: now, not only physical but also

The artist
over absolutely all the savings. “Today went to the Bank to withdraw the remnants
savings — Aspen quotes “StarHit”. 1 to Live on! And all because of
the ill-fated fractures. First, the injured leg, then the hand. A few months
lain in the clinic. Could not do the surgery, wore the Ilizarov apparatus.
Now go with the cast — on stage in this form will not appear. Decided to sell
the apartment I have is big. Plan to buy something smaller, and the difference
will exist for some time.

Now the cost of the apartment of the singer area of over 100 square meters near the station
the metro station “Polezhaevskaya” is about 30 million rubles. Osin lives alone and
rarely accepts guests: friends he is almost gone. Now the artist
recovering from a broken arm, earned by falling from the motorcycle.
“Hand heals slowly, — complains musician. — I think a couple more
months spend in the four walls. The only good news that I finally reconciled with her daughter
Agniey, which for a long time refused to communicate. Now call up. When she
coming back from St. Petersburg, where I went on vacation, I’ll see you. Sorry, yet
can’t help her with money…”