Александр Овечкин собирается присутствовать на родах жены
Anastasia Sumska wants the husband was there.

Photo: Instagram

Alexander Ovechkin once again proved that he is a real man. Hockey player is going to attend the birth. Though in recent years this practice has become very fashionable and popular, however, not every man will decide on this, but Ovechkin has no doubt he will be close to a loved one and will support her in this difficult case.

“Since my husband works in America, in the timeframe when I put in labor, he needs to be here — told Subsky fans. For me the main thing that he was there — the only reason we made the decision to give birth in the United States.”

By the way, the probability that the first-born Ovechkin and Subsky will be born in Russia, was pretty big. The fact that in the last trimester the couple decided on a trip to Moscow, but this late, like Anastasia, flying was unsafe.

In Russia, Anastasia and Alexander spent a month. They came for several reasons — the premiere of the latest film by Vera Glagoleva “No strangers”, the world Cup, honoring Ovechkin in his native country after receiving the Stanley Cup.

Subsky this year will be only 25, the pregnancy is progressing well and no abnormalities, so her personal physician allowed her long journey home. However, do not rule out the possibility that back she may not be able to return. If the doctors in Russia decides that because of the flight there is a threat of premature birth, Anastasia had to stay to give birth in Moscow. Before the flight, Subsky visited the clinic to get help. According to the rules of all international airlines pregnant women for a longer period obliged to provide the captain of the aircraft a medical certificate stating, roughly speaking, that deliveries will not start in flight. In the absence of such a document the woman in the situation can simply not be allowed to Board the plane, despite the paid ticket, even in first class, at least in the economy — the rules are the same for all.

Ovechkin is lucky they have no problems with flew to America, however, they went not home to DC. In the capital they plan to return in a few weeks.