Evgeny Medvedev told about the new coach and his future plans

Евгения Медведева рассказала о новом тренере и своих планах на будущее
Skater first commented on the scandal that erupted around her name.

Eugene with her coach Eteri Tutberidze


Recently it became known that the winner of two silver Olympic medals in Phenchhane Evgeny Medvedev left his coach Eteri Tutberidze. The girl trained her from early childhood, but, apparently, could not forgive her “gold” Alina Sagitova. Recall that at the last Olympics in Korea the main rivalry unfolded between Eugenia and Alina, who were wards of Eteri. As reported by the press Tutberidze, after the speech, Sagitova Medvedev has asked his coach: “you couldn’t keep Sagitova another year in juniors?”

Last month Medvedev and not been in touch with Tutberidze. In the Network appeared even a screenshot of the “correspondence” of a skater and coach, in which there are only Eteri, who is trying to get through to ward.

The explanation of the whole strange situation, Medvedev gave only after all figure skating country turned to chaos. No one understood what was happening and what to do next.

“First of all, I want to thank Eteri Georgievna Tutberidze and the entire coaching staff for a long, fruitful and sometimes very difficult work. For the great patience they showed towards me and the incredible coaching, professional exposure. These people gave me my skating career and led to such good results that I can be proud of.

Turning to the topic of the events of the last days, I want to clarify the situation. I will continue to play for the Russian Federation, staying in the school “Sambo-70”, training with canadian coach Brian Orser. I do this in order to use the new features and other techniques of the training process and continue to represent Russia at the highest level.

As you know, after the Olympics on March 8, I flew to Germany for medical examination. And I was urged to refrain from exercise, and I was forced to miss two months of full training.

I wish further development and prosperity of the group Eteri Georgievna and to say thank you for such a valuable 11 years of my life. Remember how I came little. Yes, sometimes it was hard, but I was trained, educated, supported, when necessary – customized. I grew up in front of Eteri Georgievna. She made an invaluable contribution to the development not only as an athlete but as a person. From her I got a lot of life lessons. I will remember them all my life. At the rink “Crystal”I spent my childhood, I will cherish the time, hard but fruitful work.

Also, I wish all the guys in the band Eteri Georgievna, great health, patience, hard work and sports longevity, after all, we now know what huge strides moving forward our beloved sport, figure skating.

I hope that time will pass and everyone will understand that this was the only possible option for both of us, continue to work honestly,” — said Jack in an interview with the website of the Federation of figure skating of Russia.

Many now call Medvedev almost a traitor, but people who know agree that it was the only way for Eugene to remain at the forefront in this situation.