Evgeny Medvedev: “gold” for Russia, world fame and comparison with Lipnitskaya

Евгения Медведева: «золото» для России, мировая слава и сравнения с Липницкой 16-year-old champion of the world accepts congratulations. Evgeny Medvedev was installed in the U.S. the world record, gaining maximum points for her performance on the ice.

      Евгения Медведева: «золото» для России, мировая слава и сравнения с Липницкой

      The performance of 16-year-old Muscovite Yevgenia Medvedeva at the world figure skating Championships in Boston American was a truly triumphal. The girl not only took the “gold” of competitions, but also the results of an arbitrary program received from the judges 150,10 points, setting a new world record. Zhenya broke past achievement of the Korean Kim Yu-na, the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver, then Asian skater scored 150,06 points.

      Page of Evgenia Medvedeva in “Instagram” in the past hours was visited by a huge number of people admiring her performance in Boston. Different languages in the microblog skater leave congratulations on the victory and admire her unique style of skating on ice. “Pride! Well done!”, “This was waiting for!”, “Medvedev, thank you for a great experience!”, “Jack, heartily congratulations! Survived and won! Incredible fantastic car! Above on all 5 goals!”, – written by Evgenia Medvedeva fans from all over the world.

      “I want to say thank you, all! – replied the young triumfatora. – I madly love you and value you. Yeah, I’m absolutely dead right now, but it was worth it”.

      Евгения Медведева: «золото» для России, мировая слава и сравнения с Липницкой

      Figure skating coach Eteri Tutberidze after his former pupil Yulia Lipnitskaya presented another bright star – Evgeny Medvedev. 16-year-old Muscovite trains at Eteri Georgievna from the age of eight. “At our first practice I Eteri Georgievna I tried very hard and was very afraid that I would not take,” said Yevgeny Medvedev his fans in the group, created in support of a social network “Vkontakte”. By the way, in narrow circles of sports Eugene is very often compared with Julia Lipnitskaya, who at 15 years became the Olympic champion in figure skating. They say that in their rentals, you can find a lot of common, sense the hand of a trainer. Evgenia Medvedeva such analogies is not to their liking. “Julia is a very good skater, but I believe that each individual athlete”. According to the champion of the world, she loves Italian figure skater Carolina Kostner.

      Evgenia Medvedeva was born 19 November 1999 in an international family. The girl’s father – Arman Babasyan. According to some, Eugene took the surname of a maternal grandmother. Maiden name of her mother was different.

      Евгения Медведева: «золото» для России, мировая слава и сравнения с Липницкой

      The success story of Evgenia Medvedeva starts counting from the moment her three-year-old girl at the rink was brought by his mother, herself a former skater, the champion of Moscow. “Five years I can remember well on the ice, – says Evgenia Medvedeva in an interview. – The most vivid memory from childhood, perhaps, as we learned a top. It is an element, not the most difficult, the normal rotation of the bent leg. But I somehow did not carry it out. And the girl who was much younger, did everything almost on the first try. I then became very upset. So worried that even did not want to do”.

      Now Eugene is engaged six times a week or two of training on the ice for two hours, during a break in classes at the gym. Day off one day a week. At school Eugene Medvedev is being home schooled. “I like geometry and biology. Like after a workout, hanging out with my bulldog Jerry, no strength to walk,” said Eugene about themselves to fans. Except figure skating Evgeny loves biathlon and athletics, the greatest athletes of our time she calls Usain Bolt and complimented Elena Isinbaeva.

      About their food preferences young athlete says: “I love sushi, fruit and marmalade”. Her dream to go to London. Yevgeny Medvedev admitted that he still sleeps with his favorite toy – a soft bear, which she presented in childhood. He became her mascot and accompanies his mistress everywhere.

      Евгения Медведева: «золото» для России, мировая слава и сравнения с Липницкой

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