The new host of “Revizorro”: “I am hard to ruffle”

Новая ведущая «Ревизорро»: «Меня сложно вывести из себя»

Ex-soloist of “VIA gra” Olga Romanovskaya for the first time told, as ranked Elena Fly.

In the beginning of April on the TV channel “Friday!” starts a new season of “Revizorro,” headed with the new host Olga Romanov. Fans different the change took, some supported the decision to Fly leave the program for a new project, while others organized a rally, demanding the return of the people’s favorite in the show.

Not without juicy rumors. First, fans of “Revizorro” chorus sent Elena on maternity leave, assuming that she is likely pregnant from my fiance and this, in fact, lies the true reason for her departure. However, this theory proved false. Flying personally denied all the rumors regarding her personal life.

When we all finally understood the reasons for leaving the blonde from the program, it became more interesting a person is the successor of Fly. 30-year-old Olga Romanov has managed to tell how she had the chance to become the new host of the popular show.

“The proposal came unexpectedly, says “StarHit” Olga. — When I called my agent Yuri Borisov said that I was invited to audition for this program, I was surprised. I went through all the stages, the first program have already been shot. The experience is still small, but it amazes me even what I could see. Until you get used to this mode merge”.

Fighting spirit pleases the ex-soloist of “VIA gra”. The singer realizes that she has to win the hearts of fans who got used and love its predecessor. However, Olga is not afraid of comparison on this score and is ready to fight for glory and success in the project.

“I once was compared to a sex symbol, chic Nadia Granovskaya, to the place where I, a young Sparrow, came to the group, – continues Olga. — Are you scared of the comparisons with Lena? No. She’s a great professional, beautiful woman… And I have no problems with self-esteem! Understand that the experience I need to accumulate for months, but I am quite sure of himself. And absolutely another – will be able to make this show something new. I have only a little time. I am by nature rather cute. But at the same time, I can put out in seconds, and I turn into an angry monster. Don’t like rudeness, rednecks, when blatantly lying… I understand that you have to deal with such people. And I’m ready! “Revizorro” I looked. And Ukrainian variant with Olga Freimut, too. To be honest, sometimes looked at Lena and thought that I would do in this situation, otherwise, would have picked it up other words… But when faced with it on the other side of the screen cease to reason like sitting on a comfortable sofa”.

Now Olga Romanov lives on three countries: Russia TV viewers, in Odessa is survived by two sons, while in Europe working husband Andrew. But, according to singer and presenter, the husband supported her participation in the show “Revizorro,” and she, in turn, will do our best to combine career and family.

In addition to employment in the show Olga is actively promoting his solo career of the singer and Romanovskaya is a designer.

In the fall of 2009 in the heart of Odessa, the brunette opened a fashion boutique under the brand Romanovska. The boutique offers original works of the singer. In addition, in December 2009, Olga was also the author of evening dresses for the finalists of the beauty contest “Miss Ukraine – the South 2010”.

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