Евгения Медведева рассказала, почему фигуристкам нужно рождаться в начале лета
Champion opened a secret of the trade.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

In professional sport everything is important. As it turned out, even the date of birth can have a huge importance for the education of future Champions. Evgeny Medvedev, one of the most titled athletes in the world at the time did not want to take to the section of figure skating due to the fact that her birthday is in the fall. Says mother Jeanne Genis Devyatova:

“For the skaters preferred to be born in early summer. In our sport do not live by years but by seasons, which ends and begins in June. So we came in September, his Wife of three years was not. We were told to come back next year. And in figure skating the lost season is a guard, then not catch. Of course there are skaters who come to the coaches, and seven, and at nine years old, but this is a very rare exception. With great difficulty we persuaded to take us. Jack, I remember, sat there with them on the sofa: “Want to ride!”

If we are to tell all the details, it all began with the appearance of Eugene to light. She was born eight months, and it is believed that even months of pregnancy are the most difficult. Then we still for a long time were under the supervision of doctors at the Filatov hospital. Jack weighed only two pounds. The doctors said that the child is weak and must be hardened, to give or figure skating, or swimming. And as I and fifteen years was a professional crook, the choice was obvious. The first time I put Zhenya on skates at two and a half years, at the rink of Stadium of young pioneers, in his place has already built a hotel. I bought for Zhenya the smallest skates that I could find, but still had to wear four sock to skate is not hanging. Remember how happy the daughter stood up to them and almost immediately ran. Plunk — fell, rose, fell again, but never cried, and fear did not have any. CSKA relied five sessions a week, but that was not enough, and we additionally did over the weekend. Got up at five in the morning to seven fifteen to get on training. During rush hour with “Alexis” on the Dynamo got on public transportation with two transfers. It was a horror! The subway always crush. Once on the transition between the stations, the crowd blew us with Eugene to the iron constraints facing the escalators. I knew that my tiny baby is hanging out somewhere in the legs, it now can simply trample, break ribs. Time caught her in his arms, because in the next moment we are going into these tin cans. Apparently, something pinched my Wife because she screamed the whole station. That’s when I realized that enough is enough, we need urgently to buy a car. Had to get out somehow: to save, to borrow, to look for a job. It so happened that Eugene I raised one. When she was born, my mother was already a pensioner. While the work was in those years very difficult, it is difficult to find a permanent place with good salary, I’d grab up everything in order to somehow feed the family. From the decree, in my opinion, came when his Wife was eight months. Well at least the job was close to home, and she and her grandma on a sled, in a wheelchair came to see me twice a day — afternoon and evening.”

Full interview with Eugenia Medvedeva and her mother Jeanne Devyatova read in the latest issue of the magazine “7 Days”. Now!