Шон Пенн рассказал о ссорах с бывшей женой
The actor revealed the cause of the conflict

Sean Penn and Robin Wright

Photo: PA Images/TASS

57-year-old Sean Penn has long practically ceased
talking to his ex-wife actress Robin Wright. Sean, who was the lawful spouse Robin
for 14 years, raising two children — daughter Dylan and son hopper, admitted
after the divorce, every attempt to engage in a dialogue with Robin led to a quarrel.
“It is very difficult to get along, because, among other things, we have very different
views on parenting. And so it was, when they were still quite
small but nothing changed
when they grew up. So we decided that it would be better if we reduce our Robin contacts “to
zero.” And now the children, fortunately, are old enough to make
decision, — said Penn. — Of course, they love their mother, and she is always ready to communicate with
them, as well, and I am. But with her I better not “intersect”…”.

However, as he admitted, he is very pleased with what the result is
rose, Dylan and Hopper, who are both successfully master the business model. “They are all fine, they are worthy people. I’m really not too fond of
this sector and not very good, but they seem chosen profession is very
like. And I support whatever makes my children happy and allows
stay healthy!” — admitted Shawn.

Recall: although Robin and Sean were married a long time, for
this time they’ve been on and off, until in 2010, not divorced
finally. Since then, the actor managed to survive several high-profile novels, including
love story first, with Scarlett Johansson, and later with Charlize Theron where
he even was going to marry. As for Robin Wright, that she was engaged to
actor Ben foster, however, had terminated the engagement. Her latest passion, a Frenchman, Clement Gerada, PR Manager at fashion House Saint Laurent.
Recently she was seen with him on vacation in
Tahoe City, California.