Евгения Медведева призналась, когда вернется к соревнованиям While the skater hosts the program “Ice age. Children.” Evgenia Medvedeva had a serious injury, but took part in the Olympics. Now doctors strongly recommended that she reduce the load.
Евгения Медведева призналась, когда вернется к соревнованиям

Winner of two silver Olympic medals in Pyeongchang Evgeny Medvedev tried themselves in new roles. 18-year-old skater became the co-host Alexei Yagudin on the project “Ice age. Children” on “the First channel”. Perhaps, if not for a leg injury received by Jack at the end of last year, we would not have seen the athlete in the entertainment program. Then Medvedeva was diagnosed with a crack in the bone of the right foot. But she not only continued to train, but also performed brilliantly at the Olympic games in February. And after the doctors finally sent the girl to a rehabilitation home.

“When I received the offer, I agreed, anyway, while the rest, and then you can spend time, – has told “StarHit” the skater. Work on television never dreamed of. But the experience is interesting. The first shooting did not worry, as there is no transfer of emotions can not be compared with the world Cup or the Olympics. The only thing in the Playground it was very cold and I ran to the battery to keep warm.”
Евгения Медведева призналась, когда вернется к соревнованиям

Show participants prepare famous figure skaters Tatiana Navka, Maxim Trankov, Ilya Averbukh and Roman Kostomarov. The jury is traditionally headed by the coach Tatiana Tarasova. “To communicate with children is not easy – continues to Medvedev. – They are often frightened and embarrassed to speak. I hope that in the process of the project would loosen up.

Premiere transfer took place on 1 April. The audience was divided in opinion: some call Medvedev Queen of the air, while others believe that she lacks experience.

“Of course, Jack is not a professional presenter, and it becomes not planned, – has shared with “StarHit” Alexei Yagudin. The main field is sport. Immediately is rarely perfect. Something I was told where to stand, which camera to watch… But everything comes with experience. Six years ago during his own debut, too worried, and now the TV has become my second profession.”

The shooting of the project will continue for another month and a half. Jack will continue to work after returning from Japan, where it participates in the show strongest skaters in the world. However, due to injury in Medvedeva special program: she skates without jumping.