Ведущая «Доброго утра» Ольга Ушакова стала мамой в третий раз A young woman shared good news on Instagram. Olga Ushakova did not disclose the child’s gender, but said that he was conceived during the honeymoon. Fans rushed to wish the star and her newborn heir health.

TV presenter Olga Ushakova became a mother for the third time. The happy event occurred April 14, 2018. Previously, the star has repeatedly said they are ready for the next pregnancy. A few months ago, it confirmed its an interesting position. All these weeks the star has led an active lifestyle, simultaneously talking on Instagram about his health.

TV presenter Olga Ushakova waiting for third child

Now Olga has posted a touching photo of newborn baby. She noted that incredibly happy being a mom again.

“14.04.18. Nine months after the wedding, our miracle was born. They say that children conceived on the honeymoon, be happy. So be it,” wrote the presenter.

Fans were delighted with the good news. They rushed to congratulate Olga and her husband. “The health of the entire family! I hope the baby will be beautiful and healthy”, “You and your husband are a great couple and will be wonderful parents,” “What wonderful news! I sincerely congratulate you on the addition to the family,” wrote fans Ushakova.

Recall that the young woman already has two daughters from a previous relationship. Daria and Ksenia immediately adopted the new chosen one mother. In an interview, Olga said that now heiress spend all their free time with a man, obey him and adore to have fun with him. For Ushakova was important to beloved loved her children and managed to become part of their family.

About elect Olga little is known. The man works as a restaurateur and loves attention to his person. That is why the presenter prefers not to talk about it fans. Recently in her Instagram began to appear frequently photos with cute swarthy man. Fans came to the conclusion that Ushakov looks incredibly happy in the second half.

TV presenter Olga Ushakova got married in Cyprus

Previously, Olga has repeatedly told me that he tries to spend most of their time to the children. The eldest heir to the stars is growing. At an early age the baby was diagnosed with autism, but Ushakov decided not to give up. She is now studying in a regular school in the same class with her younger sister. According to the presenter, the kid showed talent in languages and drawing.

Special daughter Olga Ushakova dreams of becoming a translator

“We have a lot of dictionaries at home, and depending on the mood she takes one of them, leafing through and through good, almost photographic memory remembers the words and expressions. She wants to become a translator, and it is likely she will succeed. That is, one God takes, the other gives. Thanks to his strong sides, many humanitarian items go in her cheer. In some areas that she was interested from an early age, her knowledge encyclopedic. It and stars and rocks and dinosaurs. Interests change, but the information remains. From the Jurassic period to the present day – all in her memory, as if laid out on the shelves. Such a little scientist,” – told earlier a young woman.

But remember the father of girls, the presenter does not like. She tries not to look back, because now Olga is happy. By the way, the young woman has already managed to congratulate the many colleagues. So, the journalist Catherine mtsitouridze, Chepenko Xenia and Olga Fomina hastened to wish a colleague good health and strength, because now she will have to care at once of three kids. Fans Ushakova hope that the young woman will not linger long on maternity leave and will soon return to work.