Дарья Мороз рассказала о деспотизме Константина Богомолова In a new production of a famous theater Director Anton Chekhov’s play “Three sisters” his wife played a major role. Despite rumors of a possible divorce, Konstantin Bogomolov and Daria Moroz still work together.

Konstantin Bogomolov is preparing to present the play “Three sisters” with the participation of wife Daria Moroz, and Sophia Ernst, Yulia Snigir, Alexandra Baby, Marousi Fomina and Svetlana Ustinova. Long before the premiere, directed at the Moscow art theatre of a name of Chekhov has become one of the most talked about events in the cultural life of Moscow. Bogomolov recently gave an interview in which he told about the new project.

Interestingly, the role of Baron Tuzenbach got no man, and wife of Constantine Daria Moroz.

“Military Chekhov not at war, are only for those that all the time where it is moved. They become effeminate,” explains the artist.

Reporters asked Bogomolov’s why he took the starring of serial Actresses. “The time will come, everyone will know what is it all for what all this suffering,” says the Director. Constantine believes artists involved in the formulation, is very talented.

“These invited artist are not employees of any other theatre – they are free agents. And I have hope that these people will want after the performance to enter the theatre, and the theatre will be happy to see such talented people. In addition to these established people to play in the play – creative, human challenge. They say the text of the legendary plays of Chekhov at the Moscow art theatre is a terrible emotion,” he shared.

Actresses put a lot of effort to transform into their characters. According to beauties, Bogomolov tried to create the right atmosphere at rehearsals. Sometimes he even included jazz music to relax colleagues. At the same time, the mantid can be very demanding and principled. The wife of Konstantin Ernst Sophia compared the work of Bogomolov with therapy, only free.

“He is despotic, – said, in turn, Daria Moroz. On one side, all on tiptoe, and on the other hand all sort of fun.”

We will remind that Konstantin Bogomolov and Daria Moroz raising a daughter Anna who was born in September 2010. She enjoys tennis and is in the Academy of Anastasia Myskina. Parents took Anna to school at the German Embassy. “This is the father’s unrealized dream. I wanted to learn German, I think it is very beautiful. But not learned, of course. In the case of Anya have to say thank you to Dasha,” – said Bogomolov magazine Tatler.