Evgeny Kuzin gave Sasha Artemov smart car

Евгений Кузин подарил Саше Артемовой шикарный автомобиль The girl boasted a photo of the cars. Evgeny Kuzin gave his young wife a car as a Christmas gift. The chosen men were left in complete awe of surprise, and hastened to share the joy with the fans.

24 November 2017 Evgeny Kuzin and Sasha Artemova officially became husband and wife. Stars “House-2” has repeatedly postponed the wedding because of various delays, but in the end they still managed to arrange a celebration of dreams.

Evgeny Kuzin noted that loves his beloved and is ready to go at all, if only the girl was happy. So in honor of the New year the man decided to make Sasha truly gorgeous gift. He gave her expensive foreign car. This was reported by Artemova herself in her Instagram.

“My new year’s gift from husband,” simply signed the girl.

Participant reality was photographed driving the car, the interior is trimmed with beige leather. Cousins also gave a sweetheart a beautiful bouquet of cream roses. According to conservative estimates, the car is worth at least three million rubles.

Fans congratulated Sasha and wished her good luck on the road. “What a gorgeous gift, really classy,” “How lucky you are with your husband. This is really cool”, “Jack is a great man. He spoils you, appreciate it,” wrote the fans of the stars “House-2”.

Sasha and Jack celebrated the New year with friends and family. They had fun until the morning, not forgetting to spread in social networks photos from the festival. The girl was chosen for the celebration dark brown dress decorated with sequins. Fans recognized that the outfit is flattering Artemov and makes her even more sexy.

“Let the Dog year will bring us much happiness and family comfort. Happy New year, friends,” she wrote on Instagram.

Recall that a cousin and aunt became winners of the competition “Wedding in a million” organized in the framework of the show “Dom-2”. However, your winnings are in love not enough to make holiday dreams, because the only dress Artemov cost about 500 thousand rubles. That is why one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire history of the project’s existence was necessary for me to save money to hold a celebration of “their” level. In the end, that evening the newlyweds were congratulated by many TV stars, among whom were Ksenia Borodina with her husband, Vic Romanets, Anton Gusev and Daria Pynzar.

Previously, Sasha admitted that near the beloved feels happy little girl who will always preserve and protect. Fans hope that soon she will give the chosen child.