Ксения Собчак устроила танцы на паперти The candidate in presidents of Russia Ksenia Sobchak with her husband actor Maxim Vitorgan and friend Rostislav Khait danced at the Church in the center of Moscow. This caused a flurry of discontent among the faithful.
Ксения Собчак устроила танцы на паперти

December 25, the Central election Commission countries have adopted the documents on the nomination to the post of President of the Russian TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak. From this moment Ksenia is the real, that is the official candidate for the presidency from the party “Civil initiative”. Stating his desire to run in October of this year, TV presenter, journalist and public figure high attention to political work. She travels a lot around the country, opens election headquarters, has announced major positions of his campaign. But life is not just work. Even the presidential candidate.

Ksenia continues to go to parties, go out to dinner with friends to celebrate the holidays and to have fun. Every day she shares what is happening in her life, in the social networks: posts, pictures and videos, writes long and short comments to them. Always, on any of your post attracts thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, positive and encouraging, and hard, critical.

January 1, Ksenia posted in microblogging video, which together with her husband Maxim Vitorgan and their friend, actor Rostislav Khait dancing. However, dancing a merry trio at the gates of the temple.

A short video has caused rough reaction of the subscribers Ksenia. Believers were troubled by the behavior, many expressing their opinions used profanity, openly insulting the candidate’s most recent words. Others were more reserved and tried to explain why I think: what did Ksenia – bad.

“Fear God, Xenia, really overworked. See, then it didn’t hurt!”, “You can somehow relate to religion and to the Church, but why this way to spit on millions of people? Hard to understand…”, “Xenia, you’re, like, smart lady. Presidential rush, and behave like a headstrong child. Who does that near the Church? You do not ashamed?”, “If you don’t understand, why can’t we behave in the Church, then what do you speak? Spit in the soul of believers,” wrote Ksenia people.

The video clearly shows that the hands of Rostislava Hayit some kind of bottle. Members immediately concluded that the alcohol. Supposedly known all over the country people, to put it mildly, tipsy. Users did not fail to reproach Ksenia and her company in drunkenness.

The video was signed: “About last night (something about last night. – Ed.) or “pussy rayot” not the same”.

Recall that Pussy Riot is an anonymous punk-rock group, which organized provocative performances and unauthorized action in unexpected, and sometimes completely inappropriate places. For the infamous “punk prayer” in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in 2012, three participants of the group were arrested and sentenced under article “Hooliganism” to two years of imprisonment.

Followers of Xenia wondered where does Pussy Riot: “what about “pussy rayot” he remembered. They’re not freedom fighters but just moral freaks,” wrote one. Others advised me to dance in another place: “Chait, Sobchak and Vitorgan. Dance used at the synagogue!”. Others tried to reason with the “dancers”: “You have been very bad. You have a higher education, temple is not a place, near which are dancing drunk. You can’t do that”.

But there were those who defended Sobchak, got into an argument with a particularly angry critics, and of course those who were faithful: “Xenia is doing everything to attract attention!”

Ksenia has not responded to the criticism of his followers, moreover, in a few hours she just deleted the video.