Evening Duo: Ivan Urgant sang with Olga Buzova

Вечерний дуэт: Иван Ургант спелся с Ольгой Бузовой Singer and TV presenter came to visit showman. In the beginning of the program “Evening Urgant” Ivan congratulated Olga with resounding success, because this year Instagram star ahead in popularity very Kim Kardashian. In addition, she became the host of a new talk show on channel “womanish revolt”.

As it turned out, Olga and Ivan are acquainted more than ten years. Urgant even remembered the first meeting with the singer. According to the showman, he remembered the hairstyle Buzova, then the girl in the hair was interwoven with crystals and beads. Ivan said ironically that Olga well have changed greatly since then.

“Olga, you’re starting to get out of this age…” said Urgant.

The star said that made in recent months. According to her, she is the most popular integramedica in Russia.

“It is a big deal to me! I am the only artist of our country who fell in the world rankings. The only one. I don’t know who you talked to, if I wasn’t! Yes, I’m very emotional probably pointless to change, I have not learned to control your feelings,” admitted Buzova.

She also noted that still can not understand why some colleagues on the stage, her hate and do not recognize the singer a true artist.

“I live my life. I do what I like. Why such a reaction – don’t understand,” shared Olga.

“Ol, what for you is harder: to write books or to read? Name three of your favorite books!” asked Urgant Buzova.

According to the girl, her favorite piece of foreign literature – “hearts of three” Jack London, but of Russian authors, the singer prefers Dostoevsky novel “Crime and punishment”.

At the end of meeting celebrity guests Urgant said that they always perform their songs live without using playback. And finally, Ivan and Olga, the Duo sang a remake of the acclaimed composition “the Hit parade”.