From “House-2” – breaking bad: Sergey Odoevtseva enjoy depraved life

Из «Дома-2» - во все тяжкие: Сергей Адоевцев наслаждается развратной жизнью Controversial ex-participant of “House-2” divorced wife Mary Kruglykhin. After parting the man stopped communicating with her daughter and began his dissolute lifestyle. Odoevtseva spends almost every evening in private clubs.

Sergey Odoevtseva was one of the most striking and at the same time shocking the participants of the TV project “Dom-2”. In reality the man got acquainted with Masha Kruglykhin, in July 2010, the couple got married, and at the end of the same year he left the show.

Odoevtseva proved himself on the project as an intelligent romantic, though he has repeatedly had problems with alcohol. Lover and friends helped him cope with addiction.

After telestroke Sergey and Masha not long lived together, in marriage, the couple had a daughter, Elizabeth. Kruglykhin told reporters why he decided to leave Odoevtseva.

“After the birth of my daughter I realized that Sergei was not suitable for family life. When baby comes, people become more responsible, but it’s not happened. Now Sergey does not ring, not interested in lease, for child support, I also have not given”, – said Maria.

After the divorce, Mary married a second time. Today Kruglykhin brings his daughter and child of the new spouse, and Pavlovich, as Odoevtseva called in the draft, meanwhile, is enjoying the single status. Judging by Instagram, Sergey is a photographer. Sources close to him claim that ex-member of telestroke leads a riotous life. Not so long ago Odoevtseva noticed in major Metropolitan a Swinger club.

“Sergei appears in the institution regularly. Usually comes one. Externally, our clubs are not very different from the usual. In the wardrobe you need to undress completely, and leave all the gadgets, because the shooting is strictly prohibited. In the main room there are tables, a bar, and sex occur in separate areas. Sergey is always very friendly, likes to take the initiative to chat with visitors. We can say, the soul of our company”, – said a visitor to the club edition of “the World of reality TV”.