Evelina Bledans was struck by a photo in underwear

Эвелина Блёданс поразила фотографией в нижнем белье
The actress boldly responded to the accusations by some fans.

Evelina Bledans

Evelina Bledans responded to the spiteful critics, accusing her of being
she is not pleasant to me safely. The actress posted on
page in the social network the photo where she poses in erotic underwear
the background of the bed.

“I want to upset my few slophouse
subscribers accusing me of actions not in age, — said Evelina. —
Namely photo in swimsuits, shorts and as they say “scoring
thighs”. I’m going to do it until I want to, I feel welcome
woman, and 90% of others approve of this behavior. Believe it
will not end soon, and what you want! Love and appreciate yourself regardless of
chronological age! We are young, while the soul blooms. And the body… will make Sure that b and
it did not disappoint. If you love yourself, will love others. But, ugly croaking
toad will always be. So that they may be only cheerful faces”.

Despite his busy schedule, the actress finds
the time in sports. “I do swimming, yoga, aerobics, strength training,
continues Bledans. — By the way, the first time I came to the hall in Turkey where I am vacationing
this summer. And realized how much I liked it. But back in Moscow, already
took the post seriously.”