Presenter is looking for a successor

Лена Летучая ищет преемника
The presenter will personally prepare one of his followers.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: TV channel “Friday!”

“Friday!” announces the casting for the project “School of Revizorro” in which Elena Letuchaya personally choose the new
a fearless fighter for justice.

To participate in the casting, you must fill out a form on the website of the TV channel “Friday!”. And in the new, 2017 year
“School Revizorro” will gather within its walls the best fighters for the quality of service.

Volatile together with a team of experts of hotel and restaurant business
will undertake the education of worthy replacements, and teach recruits all
the intricacies of the audit profession. And the best student of the “school of Revizorro”
will be not just the winner of a reality, and a real successor to the “Queen