Evelina Bledans remembered as “the shot” guys in my youth

Эвелина Бледанс вспомнила, как «снимала» парней в юности
The actress shared details from the past.

Photo: Personal archive Bledans

Before the end of the next year Evelyn Bledans decided to confess to fans of their “sins”. It turns out that when the star was young girl, she always met men who have been promoting their restaurants — and then suddenly disappeared without paying the bills in a known manner. Fortunately, her native Yalta is a resort city, and newcomers are very easy to do these things.

The actress has published in his personal blog a photo from 1989 when she was 20 years old, could afford to lead a “dissolute” lifestyle. Outfit Bledans — the most outspoken among her friends: open the shirt and skirt, not hiding the long and beautiful legs (and not only them!) the future stars.

“I don’t know why, but today I want to admit — we “rented” guys — confessed Evelyn. — Yes! We nicely walked along the waterfront, they come to us “flagged”, led to the restaurant. There we ate, drank, danced, and then spinning Dynamo!”

Even Evelyn noticed that already at this young age, she already “had legs”. Fans did not agree with it in the comments — just admiration for her slim figure and the fact that it over the past almost 30 years has not changed. Maybe in the face but not the figure.

Bledans, incidentally, is one of the few stars who openly admit to made a plastic surgery. Evelina has recently said that the increased breast. And she did it with the desire to retain young husband, but it didn’t help. However, what made the actress does not regret, new forms helped her to feel more confident and desirable after a difficult breakup with her husband.