Robbie Williams has admitted who saved his marriage with Ajda fields

Робби Уильямс признался, кто спас его брак с Айдой Филдс
The wife of the singer did not dare to thank his “benefactor”.

Робби Уильямс признался, кто спас его брак с Айдой Филдс

Robbie Williams


In his recent
interview 46-year-old singer Robbie Williams has admitted your family happiness it entirely
to his friend, the actress Cameron Diaz.

“It’s all about
that although we Ajda were together for a long time, for that time we parted
three times. And, the third time I thought we finally completed our
relationship. And that’s when I told this to her friend Cameron Diaz with
we chatted in a cafe, she responded to my story unexpected. After a pause
a little, she said: “you Know, I think your story is not over. You
still love each other!” And then I suddenly had an Epiphany. I realized that
just have to marry IDA! I jumped from the table, jumped into a cab, rushed
to the favorite and put up with her. From that day on I have never had any
the temptation to leave!” — said Robbie.

wife of Williams, whom he told this story, was overwhelmed
appreciation to my “do-gooder” Diaz that wanted her
thank you. And then one day she stumbled on it in the gym. “But
to contact her, I did not dare. We were both perspiring at the time — each on their
simulator. And I thought to have a serious conversation in such a situation
would be kind of silly!” — admitted fields.

Robbie and Ayda started Dating in 2006. In 2009 they announced that she was engaged.
And a year later were married. Since then, the couple had two children: son
The Charlton now for three years, and the daughter of Theodore — five.

Robbie Williams with his wife Ajda