Эвелина Блёданс поздравила старшего сына с 23-летием на расстоянии
The actress admits that can claim to be the perfect mother.

Эвелина Блёданс поздравила старшего сына с 23-летием на расстоянии

Evelina Bledans

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Evelina Bledans with his eldest son Nicholas

Photo: Maxim Lee

Due to the fact that the eldest son of the actress lives with her father in Israel,
then Evelina Bledans have to congratulate Nicholas through social networks: “My
little big boy Kolya today marks 23 years. Let it
life will be how he will come up with yourself! Let all your dreams will come true! Let
it will reach all the possible heights and it will be a real man!”

The story of a difficult relationship with his eldest son Bledans
told in exclusive interview to magazine “7 days” — shortly after
in the third time has married Director and producer Alexander Syomin. It
parental divorce was the cause for which Nicholas many years did not communicate
with my mom. But Bledans could no longer live with his father, a businessman Dmitry, because
their marriage was visibility. Evelina met a rich husband a few times a year, all
the rest of the time each of them had their own life. And then she met Alexander
Semin, who was again able to make her happy and loved…

“When I first went with him in Switzerland —
to acquaint him with Kolya, where he was studying, I was worried sick. But the meeting
turned out to be surprisingly warm. My men liked each other, we spent
great weekend… had Fantasies like Kohl’s will return to Russia, will live with
us and seriously pursue music, and in the evenings they with Sasha together will
to rehearse… But then nick was gone. Stopped calling, texting… it lasted
for almost a year. I tried to understand the situation, with all consulted. And one
my friend said, “Leave him alone. This is perfectly normal in his
age. He doesn’t want to hurt you, it’s not out of malice. Just the theme of mother to
it is not there. He has girls, guitars, wine, cigarettes,
computer, phone, and you’re in the moment, the list of its values there. And it
doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you”… But to pull myself together and calm down I
could five days, and then some random Association, the memory again
had unsettled me. I see the rabbit — and remember how Kolya and I bought
this is also called the Soup, and then it grew into a whole boar… And me again
cover longing and misunderstanding: for what? What did I do?” recalled

When Evelyn gave birth to the youngest son of Seeds, the first thing
wrote about this eldest son. “He did not answer immediately, five days later: “Well,
cool.” And a smiley face. I have not even been able to tell him what SEMA
diagnosis — in a nutshell, that I will not say… But for some reason I really
clearly imagine the picture, as my son found out about it. Here Dima’s sitting there
in the office at the clinic, and another customer from Moscow brought him the magazine “7 Days”
with our cover. Dima reads, reports the stake. It’s probably my bad
imagination, but for some reason, on the face of Dima see: here, take this, this is your reward
the fact that you broke our family… Meanwhile, journalists kept asking me
question: “How to get along with each other brothers? Do you like Seeds nick?” I had
to circumvent this sensitive issue… How to admit to people that my own son
not only my brother, but me not want to know?”

Reconciliation with his eldest son was long. Evelyn
without warning came on the oath of Nicholas in Israel, and since then between
the two of them began warming relations. But for the first time the eldest son came to Russia
and saw his brother only at the end of 2015. Since then, he no longer visited