Кирстен Данст осудила содержанок
The actress said that he does not understand women who think that a man should support them.

Kirsten Dunst


Kirsten dunst — old resident of Hollywood. She started acting when she was only three years and 11 already kissed Brad pitt in “Interview with the vampire”. 30 years on, the actress was tired of the Hollywood lifestyle, the frantic pace, exhausting filming and a constant running “up the down staircase”. The usual “star trek” — alcohol, antidepressants, drugs — miraculously passed Kirsten. But she still ended up in the clinic of neuroses. The doctors helped her and today the actress says that happy. She found her man, who is able to understand it. Prior to that, Kirsten had a lot of Boyfriends: Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal, Adam Brody, musicians Fabrizio Moretti, johnny Borrell, Garrett Hedland… her Current fiancé — Jesse Plemons, actor, with whom Kirsten met on the set of the TV series “Fargo.”

“Before, for me the most important thing was the passion in the relationship, — says the actress. — But now, with age, I realized that being friends was much better and should be in the first place. Of course, it is best that natural “chemistry” and sexual attraction combined with the ability to make friends. Passion is great and necessary, but not to such an extent that the demolition of the roof and prevented a sober look at what is happening in the relationship. With the person should be comfortable and have a good time under any circumstances. I like that near me now a man that can change me “grounded”, to reassure, to comfort and understand. At some point it seemed to me that we can no longer meet the actors, people who are doing the same things I do. I met with the musicians. But now I’m glad I’m going to marry precisely because of a brother in the profession. And not afraid as before, to give him all of myself, all my life. Do not fear that the closer we are to each other, the more closely intertwine our lives with him, the more chances that things will go wrong. As has happened before, when I too much have invaded the lives of his men. So my priorities are cool has changed.”

With age (and maybe the treatment helped) Kirsten reached equilibrium. “You know, I would quietly retire, — says the actress. But I can’t afford to quit work. Because it affects the well-being of my loved ones, my family. I am a very family man. And always believed that I should not rely on man in matters of Finance. Although I like good manners, old-fashioned courtship, when a man opens up the car door, brings flowers, pays for dinner at a restaurant — in short, behaves like a man, a gentleman, not like a… woman. This I appreciate, but don’t understand women who think a man should support them”.

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