Анна Седокова рада, что поправилась на десять килограммов
The singer confessed his love to his new body.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: Instagram

Anna Sedokova admitted that she likes her new body after
the birth of her third child, a son of Hector. The singer never
managed to “throw” ten kilos during pregnancy, and the star
these are very pleased.

“I love your plus ten pounds, — says Anna. — Love my body after Hector and do not want to sit on diets and
to suffer because of its completeness. Well, I won’t be able to be lean and languid with a sad knowing face! It’s someone else, I’m not. And I love my shape, love my body. For me to sleep comfortably. I don’t want to hide their sexuality. Don’t want to wear a neckline,
because it’s not stylish or anyone else would think. To be feminine and
sexy is my nature. Everyone is their own. And the stereotypes imposed by society, it is society itself”.

Fans agreed with the star. “Anya! Looking great,
no minus 10; Gorgeous! Butterball! Sexy” — wrote fans under
Frank post singer.

Interestingly, many stars sought ideal forms, that is
in this way — by loving yourself and your body. It
so got rid of forty extra pounds gained during the second
pregnancy Maria Kozhevnikova. Postroynevshaya Anfisa Chekhova also
was told that the main secret of her incredible transformation is love
to yourself and your body.