Эван Рэйчел Вуд рассказала о попытке суицида

To be raped is very difficult and support people with the same horrible experience can help you to believe in yourself! 31-year-old Evan Rachel wood has previously said that wanted to commit suicide, but re-raised this topic in an article for Nylon, to help other women cope with depression and to choose life.

Эван Рэйчел Вуд рассказала о попытке суицида

“Now, looking back, I realize that this is the worst thing that ever happened to me,” says the star of the series “the world of the wild West.”

At the age of 22, the actress decided to go to a psychiatric clinic to deal with the trauma from the rape. “I felt like I got hit by a truck. Then, without thinking, I picked up the phone: “Mom, I tried to commit suicide,” recalls wood.

That day, Raechel helped call the mother, recognition, and conversation with a loved one. In response to mother’s question “Why” star only said “just wanted some space.”

Эван Рэйчел Вуд рассказала о попытке суицида
“My PTSD was caused by the multiple rapes and violent relationship that lasted for several years. When it came time to find a psychiatric hospital, my main concern, which most people don’t have to worry, began to find a way to get help to no one know about it. If my problem became known to the public, I would have much less chance to recover, because I would be met with the cruelty of strangers,” writes wood.

To cope with the experiences of the star even decided to change his name! “I felt some relief. I couldn’t remember what it’s like to be Evan Rachel wood. Every day I have become much stronger. When it came time to leave the hospital, I even felt a little uncomfortable. Of course, I want to leave. But this is the first place where I felt safe,” she says.

But soon the stars started to recover. She began to feel better, but continued to go to therapy to professionals. Wood even stopped taking the pill. “Depression is not weakness, it is a disease. Sometimes deadly. And sometimes people need to know that they are loved and that they are not alone,” says wood.

Events in the life of the actress helped her to view life from the other side and become stronger to fight for equality. The actress just could not hold back his joy when he succeeded in court, the same fees for women and men for roles in the TV series “the wild West” and said the publication The Wrap their emotions: “When I said about equal pay, I barely restrained tears. I’ve never been paid as much as male colleagues”.

Early Evan Rachel wood was made by the Judicial Committee of the United States and testified about the rape committed against her. Celebrity also insisted on the adoption of amendments to the Law on violence against women in all 50 States.

“It happened gradually, and over time has worsened. Then followed the threats on my life. The man who spoke of love to me, raping me. But the worst part was that he tied my legs and hands. He tortured me mentally and physically. This lasted until the moment when my abuser began to feel that I’m trying to prove and to show him my love,” she said.

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