Арнольд Шварцнеггер прокомментировал помолвку дочери Кэтрин и Криса Прэтта

Recently it became known that Chris Pratt, left last year with Anna Faris, made proposals to his sweetheart, the eldest daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the 29-year-old Catherine. Some time Arnie commented about the engagement, and now let it slip!

“It was fantastic! Katherine so happy! They are both happy. Chris is a great guy. They look great together, so I wish them only success,” said Schwarzenegger in an interview with journalists of the newspaper Extra.

Before you make an offer of the daughter of the terminator, the star of the film “Guardians of the galaxy” had to ask of his beloved father’s blessing. Everything went fine and in the best tradition. And what Pratt to be afraid of? After all, he was already familiar with his beloved father. Their acquaintance took place in 2015.

All are very happy for Pratt, but recall that not so long ago he broke up with actress Anna Faris. “Anna and I’m sad at heart we inform you that we are getting divorced,” wrote Pratt in his Facebook account,”We’ve tried hard for a long time, and we’re really disappointed.”

Fans disappointed not the least, it is very believed and worried about the relations of the two comedians. Despite the fact that the couple went through life with humor, they still had to sadly leave. One of the fans writes, “Why not go to couples counseling? The current pair give up too easy.”

“Our son has two loving parents that love him with all my heart and for his sake we want to keep this situation as private and move on,” he continues. “We still love each other and will always appreciate the time spent together, and will continue to deeply respect each other.”

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