Eva Polna appeared in the center of the scandal over weight-loss drugs

Ева Польна оказалась в центре скандала из-за средств для похудения
The singer made a comment about the incident.

Eva Polna

Photo: @polnaeva_official Instagram Eva Pol’na

Eva Polna has become a victim of fraud, decided to capitalize on her good name. As it became known, in the online shops not so long ago there vitamins and Supplements that supposedly do wonders for my figure. The attackers promised as a result of taking the pills rapid weight loss and the “face” of the advertised remedies became a field. And images of eve was used illegally.

The singer has learned that Network is trade of means to combat excess weight with its “fake” recommendations, and was horrified. The most offensive was that she learned about it all from his girlfriend, who “seduced” by advertising and bought two jars of vitamins.

“Dear friends! I responsibly declare: no pills, vitamins, Supplements and other “household chemicals” for beauty of face and body, slimming, healing and magical transformation I do not advertise! Don’t fall for this advertising network and anywhere else! Very much you I ask! — asked eve to fans. This can be dangerous and harmful for the family budget! Knew it was time to write last night when my friend told me how the whole 2! banks of the vitamins she bought for me. And laughter and sin!”

But this is not the first story when the crooks in the pursuit of profit use star names for their own purposes. In a similar situation some time ago was phenomenal and postroynevshaya Anfisa Chekhova. She, in turn, admitted that he would never have agreed to advertise such funds. The fact that in his youth Anfisa in the pursuit of thinness was fond of such “magic pill”. However, instead of the promised effects have only health problems.