Olga Buzova publishes seductive photos for Dmitry Nagiyev

Ольга Бузова публикует соблазнительные фото для Дмитрия Нагиева
Showman openly spoke about the relationship with the TV star.

Ольга Бузова публикует соблазнительные фото для Дмитрия Нагиева

Dmitriy Nagiev

Photo: @nagiev.universal Instagram Dmitry Nagiyev

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

Dmitriy Nagiev has hinted recently that his relationship with Olga Buzova not ended after the scandal broke. During an interview on the show “Evening Urgant” 50-year-old entertainer admitted that he could not even for a day to abandon the use of mobile phone because of Instagram star electroni. And the very next day after the program aired in the microblog Olga has a seductive photo with the translucent swimsuit.

At the end of last year, when hackers leaking explicit photos Buzova, which she sent Nagiyev, he argued that between them there are friendly relations. “Today, we Ola are warm friendly relations. I wouldn’t cheat and call our relationship something more than they really are. And at the same time would not detract from them…” commented Nagiyev scandal. However, based on the savory nature of the published correspondence of Olga and Dmitry, we can assume that between the stars of show business there is still something more than just friendship…

By the way, although Nagiyev and admitted in the program, in his passport there is no stamp and he is a free man, in the network since the New year, “walk” screenshots correspondence with a certain Buzova Natalia, in front of which Olga apologized for the incident a scandal. In Buzova tried to convince her companion that she had an intimate relationship with Dimitri. However, to explain why she was sent Nagiyev, seductive photos and videos of she was unable.