Ева Мендес  рассказала о рождении второй дочери и смерти брата

This year for Eva Mendes was full of pleasant events and severe losses. In an interview with Latina, the new release which will be available only on August 9, the actress openly spoke about how the lost brother and how was born, her second daughter.

Ева Мендес  рассказала о рождении второй дочери и смерти брата
April 17 from cancer died, the elder brother of eve Carlos. And although Mendes has been rough this tragedy, especially because the actress at that time was already pregnant, she believes that a common problem only rallied their already strong family.
“The death of Carlos was very alike in all of us. I’m so glad I have a family and that we support each other” — said eve. A few days after his brother’s death eve gave birth to second daughter.

Ева Мендес  рассказала о рождении второй дочери и смерти брата
“I had a baby shortly after the funeral of Carlos. For all of us this time was very intensely emotional. My heart was breaking to pieces, and the birth of her daughter was an extremely wonderful moment” — said eve. Caring for two little girls from the EU had little time for sad reflection.
“Our oldest daughter was not yet two years old and the youngest is still a baby. Of course, I enjoy every minute that I spend with them. With Esmeralda and Amada, we have a special bond, and I really enjoy this special time,” admitted Mendes.
Its beautiful the name of the younger daughter got in honor of her grandmother actress Nudity.

The full name of the eldest daughter Esmerelda Amada, and the youngest name is Amada. When we chose a name for her, we had a few options, but they all seemed inappropriate. One time we planned to call her Vivian, but stayed Away. It is a Spanish name. We knew that sort of repeat, but I know of five sisters that’s just the name Maries – Maria Elena, Maria del Carmen, Maria, Liliana and so on. So for our culture this is normal. And when she was born, it was enough one sight to understand, how is her name”eve said.
Daughter Mendes and Ryan Gosling speak two languages – parents decided to teach them English, and Spanish, and to do this unobtrusively through speech and music. Eve the mother’s role is so important, precisely because it is this can not be removed. Now she’s much better at home with her husband and children than on a movie set. How long is her maternity leave, nobody knows.

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