«Евровидение-2017» в России: желаемое или действительное

Though Ukraine’s victory, but the right to host the contest can move to our country.

In this year’s competition ended with a scandal, many remained dissatisfied with the results of the jury and demanded, as before, to consider only the voices of the audience. But rules are rules, Ukrainian singer Jamal got first place, the Australian DAMI Im – the second, and our Sergey Lazarev third.

According to competition conditions, the winner country gets to host Eurovision the following year. Here only here there was a snag. Ukraine was not ready for high costs on the organizers…

First, the country has not chosen the city to host the competition. Considered several options, and eventually left two to Kiev and Odessa, but there are a sufficient number of hotels. Secondly, as always, came the money issue. The right to take competition – it’s an honor, but expensive, extra funds from the country, to put it mildly, is not there.

The European broadcasting Union (EBU) is very concerned about the situation. Of its decision on the venue of “Eurovision”, the country had to declare at the end of August, but… silence. And training less and less time, because the competition will be held in may. And if the organizers will not announce its decision in the autumn, then the EMU just give the right to host “Eurovision” to those who took the other prizes.

And Australia in this case, most likely, will disappear due to the geographical location, because the competition rules should take place in the European region. And then in EMU there is only one solution – move “Eurovision” in Russia!

“Ukraine won the contest in 2016, which means they won the right to adopt it in their country. The status of the winner take away from them no one can. However, with regard to timing, the decision had to be made much earlier. We are closely watching as the three cities strive hard for the right to host the competition, but don’t know when it will be officially announced the final decision. The deadline is no later than the beginning of October,” – said the press service of the EMU “news”.

Time to catch up in Ukraine there is still. Russia also has experience of competition: we hosted the song contest in 2009 after the victory of Dima Bilan.

However, let’s face it, the EMU is not happy with the idea to move the “Eurovision” in Moscow. And insists that competition must be conducted in Kyiv, Odessa or Dnepropetrovsk. Wait, what is Ukraine’s response.