54-летняя мама Тимати поразила откровенными танцами

Simon never ceases to amaze fans with talent and inexhaustible energy.

Simona Yunusova is a real delight to his subscribers. At 54 years old woman is rich, interesting life. The mother of a famous rapper Timati manages to raise her granddaughter to blog in Instagram, which talks about her upbringing, and share their achievements.

Yesterday superbusy and mom shared another video where she is with a young person learning the popular Latin American dance of salsa. Members commended as Simon beautifully and plastically moves.

Perhaps million-strong army of fans in Instagram been waiting for this movie, because the woman lives with her granddaughter Alice in the Dominican Republic and in the Republic of sin not to be able to deftly rotate your hips.

In General, Timothy’s mom can only admire and to emulate. Thanks to this spirit of life the number of followers on Instagram women exceeded one million.

For a moment, even Alla Pugacheva can not boast of such figure. Watch the video and admire the energetic Simona Yunusova, which never ceases to amaze.

My”own life”! Oh……

Video published simona280 (@simona280) Sep 6 2016 10:19 PDT