Back to court: amber heard sued the other Depp

Снова в суд: Эмбер Херд подала иск на друга Деппа

The actress decided to take revenge on the man johnny, who defended him during the divorce.

It would seem that the story of the divorce, Depp and heard are over. Amber received a $ 7 million, was removed from the ex-wife of all charges of domestic violence, and it seems that they even remained friends, although it’s hard to believe. In the court epic was the point, but not forever…

Once again, a free woman, amber remembered that during the battle with johnny he stood up for a friend – stand-up comedian Doug Stanhope. Buddy was ready to come to court and confirm that all the charges heard is a pure lie and blackmail to extract from Depp as much money as possible, but otherwise the girl is going to slander a spouse and ruin his reputation.

Unfortunately, Doug is not only expressed. Journalists from his own online entertainment publication, the idea picked up and wrote a scathing article about hunter in the millions.

Now Hurd intends to deal with the comedian, the court has already sent the claim for conspiracy to defame her.

Amber believes that led the “conspiracy” is Doug and he must not only take back his words and apologize publicly, but also, perhaps, financial compensation…

Stanhope has denied all charges, and his staff, journalists suspect that Hurd filed in court, and then to kill two birds with one stone: to annoy my ex, to get back on the front pages of Newspapers, because after the divorce, everything about it forgot…

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