Данила Козловский поддержал  благотворительную акцию
In St. Petersburg held its first city-wide charitable cultural project “Be with”.

Danila Kozlovsky

Photo: Mikhail Krylov

Danila Kozlovsky has presented his musical show “Big dream of an ordinary man” at city-wide
charitable cultural project, which took place in the Northern capital’s Palace square. “Thank you, residents of St. Petersburg for what they are
came to our share. I was very
touched by seeing the crowded Palace square. And especially the fact that many of
those who came, made albeit small, but donations. Not so important the amount
important people’s desire to help, need to help, — said Kozlovsky. Charity is something that comes from the heart. And Petersburg on this day showed what his
a huge heart”.

The project in St. Petersburg hosted the city quests
the winners received prizes from partners of the project, and on the Palace square
there was a special interactive area and lecture hall charities
“AdVita”, “Anton near here” and “B. E. L. A.
Butterfly children”.