Евгений Кобылянский раскритиковал творчество Ольги Бузовой In a recent interview the composer spoke about the main problems of domestic show-business. He explained the phenomenon of the popularity of Olga Buzova. According to the producer, the hype around the songs of the presenter is exclusively associated with a competent PR.

The growing popularity of Olga Buzova not haunted by professional musicians. About the lack of the girl vocal data were expressed by many representatives of show business. Recently my attitude to the work of the presenter was expressed by the composer Eugene Kobylyansky.

“The people who run the music broadcasts don’t understand what Buzova and others like her occupy the seat in the air. Place talented person. She is a nobody, she has no intelligence. She’s not educated, has no musical or artistic gift” – firmly expressed kobylanski.

Over the years in show business composer successfully collaborated with Valery Leontiev, Laima Vaikule, Alla Pugacheva and many others. Now he is promoting talented young artists. In his opinion, many are unable to break into the scene, as they have no connections or a decent amount of money in your pocket.

Kobylanski believes that for this reason, popular artists who have charisma, and undeniable talent. The phenomenal success of Olga Buzova as a singer composer explains thought-out PR.

“The money spent on its promotion, become a powerful engine of popularity. In the end, people come just to see this wondrous miracle”, – shares his thoughts the composer.

Olga Buzova itself have long been accustomed not to react to criticism. Her songs instantly become hits. The presenter explains this success is the phenomenal performance and dedication.

Recently Olga has reached yet another record, becoming the most popular domestic star Instagram. The number of subscribers of the presenter in the social network reached ten million people. She hurried to share the good news, noting that I thank the fans support over the years.

“We walked hand in hand, I did not hide anything from you – if I was happy, I shared it with you, and we have rejoiced in my achievements and successes together. If I was sick or I was falling, you have always extended me a helping hand and support their messages, comments and posts,” – says Buzova.

Olga is clearly not going to stop there. The girl is going to further develop his musical career, wants to conquer the West and show business. In Russian cities in the autumn will be held the first solo shows of the artist.

In an interview with the portal”.ru” Eugene Kobylyansky said that fame should be earned, but the realities of show business such that the sale is not music, and popular person.