Скончался актер Владимир Толоконников The honored artist was 74 years old. Vladimir Tolokonnikov became famous for the role of Sharikov in the movie “heart of a Dog”. About the reasons of his death have not been announced yet.
Скончался актер Владимир Толоконников

On the night of July 16 in Moscow has died the known actor of theatre and cinema Vladimir Tolokonnikov. Members of the press about his departure was announced by the representative of theatre of a name of Lermontov in Alma-ATA, where at one time worked for the late artist.

Tolokonnikov recently returned to Moscow from the shooting in Gelendzhik and was full of creative plans. The artist at the end of June age of 74 years. The family of Vladimir Tolokonnikov has not yet announced the place and time of farewell to the master. While there is no data about the causes of the death of Vladimir Alekseevich. However, we know that the last time he was under medical supervision, and in the summer and autumn of last year, the actor was hospitalized due to serious heart problems.

Recall that in August last year Tolokonnikova became ill during a tour in Kostanay region of Kazakhstan. Because of the state actor had to cancel the play “Family portrait with a stranger”, where he was involved. Then the man was feeling unwell after landing at the local airport. In the theater, where he was to undergo a setting with Tolokonnikova, reported that the health of the artist has adversely affected the flight. In this regard, the administrator of the troupe, Elena Dianova called an ambulance.

After a while it became known that Prime Minister Vladimir Alekseevich is not in danger. Dianova later told the media that the artist was transferred from the resuscitation ward. The best local doctors and specialists of the regional clinical hospital of Kostanay was provided Tolokonnikova timely assistance.

Following disturbing news about the condition of a famous actor appeared in November 2016. He re-entered the hospital. Then Tolokonnikov himself confirmed the fact of going to the doctors.

“I had a little time to heal from colds and all. There is nothing critical, I have colds. Well, you know, weather affects health,” – said Vladimir Tolokonnikov reporters.

Vladimir Tolokonnikov — the honored artist of the Kazakh SSR. The audience he is remembered for his role in the film directed by Vladimir Bortko “heart of a Dog” based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, which was filmed in 1988 in the role of Polygraph Polygraphovich Sharikov. For this role the actor was awarded the state prize of the RSFSR behalf of the Vasilyev brothers.